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Going Gaga Over Gosling.

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

Going gaga over Gosling.

They say a picture can say 1000 words, but right now, I’m stuck for just one…

Besides the small pool of dribble that’s formed directly down from my chin, there isn’t a whole lot more coming out of this mouth – and I think it’s safe to say that I’m not alone.

It’s hard to pinpoint what is is about Ryan Gosling that has almost every lady I’ve come across in quite the spin. He’s got that whole ‘I don’t know why girls are in love with me’ vibe going on – and it’s delightfully refreshing. He has also played some really great characters on-screen. Loveable, kind of weird, and fantasy-fulfilling. He’s a proper gent, which is why that sultry sasspot Eva Mendes has sunk her claws into him (cue frightening cat hiss.)

You know what else he has going on? A really subtle sexiness and eloquent charm. I have literally watched the below video around 20 times, and cannot for the life of me get over how chivalrous and gentlemanly he is with Rachel McAdams when they win the Best Kiss award for The Notebook at the VMAs… watch on.

Do you know what the saddest part of this all is? My favourite part is at the very end when they’re leaving the stage and he bends down to pick up the jacket she dropped. I know it’s utterly ridiculous for me to be so floored by one simple gesture, but I just find it hard to believe that many guys I know would do that. Mortifying to admit eh?

Boys – don’t you see? It really isn’t that hard to please us. And look at the state of hysteria we’re likely to go into should you open the door for us or do something truly selfless. It’s not as though you’re in an advanced maths class, battling against the biggest maths brains in the country to come out on top. Nope, in the romance/being a gentleman game, it’s pretty much like you’re a hare up against a tortoise. It’s not hard to come out on top, you don’t even need to go much out of your way to win, just channel a portion of Gosling’s chivalrous nature and hop to it – knowwhatimsayin?

My office at work is truly in a Gosling epidemic, being caught constantly Gosling-gazing and watching and re-watching snippets from his flicks. I don’t know if he would call himself a mega babe – but the female population practically in it’s entirety probably would.

Are you with me girls?

Going gaga over Gosling.


Why do you love RyGos?

And don’t tell me you don’t, unless you have a penis – then that’s pretty legit.

Who are you uber impressed with at the moment?

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