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Going Crazy at the Circus

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Going Crazy at the Circus It's no secret that school holidays are exciting times.  My daughters are only at preschool, but as the school operates in alignment with the state's school calendar, it means that my youngsters are 'on holiday' from their strenuous pre-school syllabus!  So far, in the 10 days that they've been on holiday we've been to the circus, seen 10 of their 11 cousins, been to their grandparents farm (where there has been countless daily activities), been to 2 parties, with a couple more to go... and still, every day there's the mantra; "What do we get to do today?  I think I'm getting bored... you have to do something FUN with us Mum to show us you love us!"

Parents around the world know I'm not joking.  You go to great lengths (and often great cost) to entertain them, only to be rewarded with a spectacular temper tantrum as a result of them getting fatigued and over-stimulated... so then you give them a 'day off' where they get to spend some time playing with toys in their room, or simply cruising in the back yard... only to be told that you're a mean mother.

Mimi (who's almost 5) complained that lunch today was below-average for holiday fare (having recently had more than her fair share of take-away and party food).  When I suggested she might prefer dirt, she burst into tears and said; "you want me to eat dirt and die?"  No.  That's not really what I meant... sigh.

Guess I better consider a movie, or a DVD, or another party to redeem myself... luckily for me; a good afternoon at the library picking out books, followed by a craft-session involving gloopy-glue usually makes me Top Mum again!
Hope you're doing well wherever you are... and if you are in Holiday mode and going slightly stir crazy  - check out an ebook or other digital-download craft to fill in an afternoon over on the Patycraft Secrets website!
Lots of dirt-free-love...
if you know what I mean...
: )

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