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GLOSSYBOX is Launching in India!

By Blushandtheblog @blushandtheblog
Hold your breaths Ladies! Here's some awesome news.  GLOSSYBOX is launching in India!
We’re GLOSSYBOX Beauty, an idea born from a team of beauty lovers who got tired of wasting time and money buying the newest beauty products without the opportunity to try them to understand if they are right for us. GLOSSYBOX Beauty has grown to become the world’s leading premium beauty subscription company. We are present in 14 countries on 6 continents, and we are now COMING TO INDIA!
Each month, hundreds of thousands of women around the world eagerly await the delivery of their GLOSSYBOX Beauty to discover amazing new beauty products. We send out a gorgeous box filled with a surprise mix of 5 high-end travel- and full-sized beauty and cosmetic products from world’s top beauty brands. This gives women the chance to experiment with new products in the comfort of their own home. GLOSSYBOX is launching in India!GLOSSYBOX is set to launch in March, 2012.

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By raveena
posted on 19 February at 04:22
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I am sorry but GlossyBox India has become the biggest joke. They cheated on us. Why did they continue on creating the hype knowing fully well that they still don't have any brands on board? They even announced the winners! They cheated. They are not a start-up. They should have imported products. They have been irresponsible and unprofessional. I will never trust them even if they come back again. I hope we have better options in India itself.