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Girl Crush: Dunstastic

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood
At the Toronto International Film Festival 2011 I can't say enough about Kirsten Dunst. She is one of my fave ladies in Hollywood. Whether it's her sense of style or her quirky movie roles, I appreciate what she brings to the world of entertainment. If you've never seen Dick, Bring It On, Drop Dead Gorgeous or even The Virgin Suicides, then you need to set aside a weekend or two and catch up. Her latest flick, Melancholia has me counting down to November 11th... Watch the trailer and I'm certain you too will be thinking the same. Doesn't it look spectacular? When I discovered this little nugget of a video from FLARE, I just had to share. Kirsten is the cover girl for the November issue of the magazine and she could not look better if she tried. I love her teeth - and I don't care if that makes me sound creepy but it makes her smile really genuine and her personality charming. Getting off the crazy train now. Back to her awesome sense of style. She was in Toronto recently for the premiere of Melancholia and looked divine (see above pic). The thing with Ms. Dunst is she never looks like she is trying too hard. She always looks appropriately dressed for the occasion but in an effortless way. That is style after all - n'est pa? So have a Dunstastic weekend... until we meet at melancholia.... F2

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