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Getting Your Carpets Clean Can Make All the Difference

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

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You may or may not have seen the effects of cleaning a carpet properly. either way, it is something worth doing, as the difference between a dirty and a clean carpet can be a real surprise. Dirt builds up in carpets in a way that is not that obvious to the naked eye, given that the build up usually takes place slowly and evenly, so the change in color of the pile is pretty much unnoticeable. Unnoticeable that is, until you clean it out! Getting rid of the dirt will show up the original color of the carpet, which will be a lot brighter than the dirty version, and this can be massively helpful in transforming a room; making it look a whole load brighter and fresher. The reason that you chose the color of the carpet will be because you thought it complemented the rest of the room, and this will come back to life, with the hue of the pile shining back again, as the dirt is removed. There are many ways in which you can get your carpet looking great, but if you know the differences between them then you can make a decision as to which will work best for you. `Remember, vacuuming is not enough, get it cleaned properly!

First off, you can always go down the inexpensive, but labor intensive route of carpet shampoo. Home shampooing will have you on all fours, rubbing the foam into the carpet, but the low cost may well be exactly what you need in your life! The shampoo comes in a bottle that you spray across the carpet evenly. The spray will foam up, and you need to scrub this deep into the pile, ensuring that you cover the whole carpet. You then leave it to do it’s magic, and the foam will hopefully remove the dirt from the fibers, leaving them clean. The foam then dries up and you can vacuum it off the floor. The issue comes when the foam residue does not dry up completely, and some little areas of sticky residue are left in the fibers. These are not noticeable, but their adhesive qualities will attract dirt more quickly, which will be an issue, in that the carpet will get more dirty more quickly than before. If you are looking for a quick fix, this may work, but beware the vicious cycle of having to clean it all over again!

steam cleaning carpet

Steam cleaning or ‘hot water extraction’ can be more effective, but can still have issues. This method needs to be done by a professional, as it takes a fair amount of experience and uses some specialist equipment. The process involves blasting hot water in to the carpet, and then sucking it straight back out again. The combination of pressure and heat will loosen the dirt from the pile, and it gets sucked up with the water, back into the machine. This technique is effective, but if there is any issue with the extraction, then the carpet can be left wet and warm, which can encourage mold!

Dry cleaning is a professional technique as well, and can be extremely effective. You will find that this is rather expensive, but is probably the most trusted method. A dry compound is mixed with a small amount of solution and rubbed in to the carpet. The solution pulls dirt from the fibers and is then vacuumed up, leaving the carpet looking fresh and clean. There should be no residue to worry about as well, which makes it much better than the shampoo!

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Guest post written by Sandy Sullivan on behalf of: Peckham professional cleaners

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Getting your carpets clean can make all the difference
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Getting your carpets clean can make all the difference
Getting your carpets clean can make all the difference
Getting your carpets clean can make all the difference
Getting your carpets clean can make all the difference
Getting your carpets clean can make all the difference

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