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Getting Unstuck - Advice and Stories from Me and 17 Others

By Brisdon @shutuprun
I'm deviating a bit from running today to bring you some personal history of my early mom days - some of my hardest and most precious times. I'm doing this because I was interviewed as part of a summit called Moms Living a Life They Love and you can view interviews starting on April 3 (mine is on April 13). I think it's important to share struggles, triumphs and creative ways that moms balance kids, jobs, fitness and personal relationships. We're not alone and we can learn from each other.
Rewind to over 19 years ago. I had a five month old son (Sam) and a two year old marriage (Ken).
Getting Unstuck - Advice and Stories from Me and 17 Others
Right before Sam was born, Ken and I moved to a smallish town north east of Denver, Longmont, where we bought our first house and where we knew no one.
Getting Unstuck - Advice and Stories from Me and 17 Others
Having recently gotten my Masters of Social Work, I had been working as a caseworker for a social services agency and hated it. Staying home with Sam was not only something I wanted to do, but an escape from a job that was making me miserable.
Getting married and having a family was never a question. It was a given. I assumed all the other pieces would fall into place around my perfect family. Haha!! What the hell even is "perfect?"
Being a new mom was lonely. Not just because I felt isolated, but because the whole self identity I had previously in terms of being a student then a professional no longer existed. I was confused. I so wanted to be a mom and to be at home, yet I constantly felt the pull of needing something outside the four walls of my home. Play groups, baby swim lessons and Gymboree just weren't doing it for me.
I dabbled in doing some contract work that I could do from home. Then baby #2, Emma, came so my workload lessened. It's hard to have a baby sucking on your boob and a preschooler demanding a Skittle reward for the crap he'd just taken in his plastic potty whilst writing a professional document.
Getting Unstuck - Advice and Stories from Me and 17 Others
It wasn't until the kids were in full day school that I finally got my bearings, my groove. What I mean by that is that I started to have more balance with work, family and my interests. It's no coincidence that this is when running and writing this blog entered the picture. Running gave me something of my own, and this blog gave me adult interaction and an outlet. It still does.
Getting Unstuck - Advice and Stories from Me and 17 Others
Why am I telling you all this? I remember being up against fear, guilt, insecurity and parenting challenges. Some days I still am. And, maybe you are up against all of these things today.
That's why I was excited when Brooke Jean, coach and therapist, shared that she was hosting an interview series addressing these very topics, all of which she has faced in trying to balance life with kids. And...she wanted to interview me for the series. My interview will air on April 13 HERE.
Getting Unstuck - Advice and Stories from Me and 17 Others
The interview series is called: Moms Living a Life they LOVE: How to have a Flourishing Family, a Fulfilling Career and Fun in the process. It starts on April 3. Every day for 18 days, Brooke interviews an inspiring woman who has managed to find some sort of balance in all of these areas. You can hear from doctors, entrepreneurs, you name it. I have a free access pass for you to join and hear these experts' amazing stories which share their unique challenges and how they overcame these obstacles.
You can register HERE. I was not sponsored or paid for  this. I just love getting inspiration from others who are relatable and this is a great resource.
This is for moms who have a dream, idea or a skill they want to share but are wondering how to do it. It's also for women who are working, but want to grow their families and are up against some internal/external blocks preventing them from moving forward. I promise you'll gain insight and motivation.
Again, you can register for the Moms Living a Life they LOVE Summit HERE. Join us!
How were the early days of motherhood for you? Joyful, confusing, lonely, lovely.
Are you a working mom? Why or why not? Yes, I am but I've always found away to work from home, even now (teenagers - ugh, they need supervision more than 2 year olds sometimes).
What's one tip you have for balancing work, kids, etc? Being patient and gentle with yourself. Knowing you can have "it all" but not at the same time.

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