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Getting Closer…the New Book Cover Revealed!

By Crossstitchyourheart @TMNienaber

The problem with feeling like you have all the time in the world is that you tend to over plan yourself.  At least that’s what I do.  I set up my June 1st relaunch date thinking I’d be doing nothing but working on book for a month.  Then I told myself since that was all I had to do I might as well up how many books I read a week from one to two, and do some extra cross stitching, and spend some more time in my garden.  Not to mention every day tasks like mowing yard and doing laundry, and the even peskier sleeping and eating.

I’m not that far off on my deadline, I could probably push extra hard and make it to the 1st, but I’ve found that editing under duress is worse than not editing at all.  So I’m pushing the release date back a whole two days to June 3rd.  This also helps my OCD that does not like beginning new tasks at the end of a week.

I do have something to show you though (and prove that I am actually making progress).  The new book cover is finished!

Getting Closer…the new book cover revealed!

The new bookcover (c) T.M. Nienaber

I thought about doing a split screen so you can see just what an improvement this is over the old cover but I’m not that talented or motivated, so I’m just going to link you there .  On this previous post you can see the two old covers (print and e-book) and compare for yourself.  I’m very proud of this cover as it actually looks like something you’d see on the cover of a book.  I realize by just making something a bookcover it’s something you’d see on the cover of a book…but hopefully you get my point.

This cover does a lot more than just give title and author.  It actually looks like my book, it helps create atmosphere, and isn’t just stock photos and box effects.  It’s also not something that’s been slapped together as I lament my lack of artistic ability in mediums that aren’t fiber.  This is actually something I can get behind and be proud of, I know that because I feel like showing it off to anyone who’ll listen.  I never felt like that with my other covers.  They were there because I had to have something. whereas this actually feels like a part of my book.  It finally feels like things are coming together and I can’t tell you how great of a feeling it is to finally see this book taking shape into what I always wanted it to be.

Words of advice to any newbie indie authors out there, which I’ve gathered the hard way.  1) Just because you’ve finished writing the book doesn’t mean you can jump for joy and call it done.  Trust me…it’s far from finished.  2) You will need to cut lots of words.  Whole sentences even.  Don’t get attached to the things you’ve written when your story would be improved without them.  3) If you (or your editor) finished editing in less than 50/60+ hours…you’re doing it wrong.  4) Don’t settle.  If you feel like you can do better then do better.  5) If you want a cool red effect on a knife stab a giant strawberry.  Seriously…it works.

Thank you to all my supporters and followers.  You’re awesome and if you end up being the only people who read my book then it was still all worth it!  Also, if you want a free copy of the e-book leave a comment with your email address and what file format you prefer and I’ll send it to you (reviews appreciated!)

Now, go do something crafty, read a book, or drink some coffee.

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