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Get Your Romney Ryan 2012 T-shirt Before the Next Rally

By Fibers @fibers

I can’t really type or think about rallies without running through the scene from An American Tail where the big ladies mouse says, “We must have a wawey!” and the other mouse has no idea what she’s talking about, “You know,” she says frustrated, “A wawey, a lawge gathering of mice fow a weason.”

Well, the next time you’re going to a GOP wawey grab on of these brand-spanking new Romney Ryan 2012 t-shirts.

romney ryan t-shirt, political t-shirt

What do you think? Do you like our retro-style political design? Do you think you can do better? Good news, you can! Just dive into our easy-to-use design tool and create your own t-shirt design. We’ve uploaded new images to help you create the most awesome presidential 2012 t-shirt possible.

Just pull up the design tool and search Mitt Romney in the image tab; or Obama, depending on who you’re rooting for.

mitt romney, 2012, design your own, t-shirt, politics

Choose from loads of awesome patriotic art pieces to compliment the strong profiles of the presidential candidate and VP hopeful. Add some stars and stripes to the friendly presidential portraits and you’ve got yourself a patriotic textile Betsy Ross would be envious of.

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