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Get Ready by Fiat

Posted on the 20 February 2012 by Adamhuet @AdamHuet

I try to keep the reviews confined to relatively new commercials (within the past 2 months) but since I am late with todays review I thought I would review an older yet different kind of commercial to make up for my tardiness.


Once in a while a company will go out of its way to create an in-depth ad to really highlight a new product or service that they are launching. Now that Fiat is making cars to sell here in America, they didn’t want to be an exception. They made a great music video to show off how they make their new Fiat 500 while keeping the public appeal in mind.

The most important thing that I noticed was who they were targeting for this commercial. They didn’t single out businessmen who would favor a Lexus or Audi, nor did they single out teenage girls such as VW could have done with the old style Beetle. They choose to cover every type of person who can drive a car. This can be noticed more towards the end of the video when the four types of people are put into squares as they finish up getting ready. This move is great by Fiat. They need to get their product out there and restricting it to one or two groups is not going to get their small name into the minds of millions of people.

To get into the minds of the millions of people they used a great song which caught everyone’s attention. From how to starts off a classical piece and then moves into an electric style song. This aspect combined with the video editing made a great video. Being able to ‘chop’ the screen and make the video behave as if it were one with the song added to the quality of the overall video.

One of the main aspects seen in this video is how they not only showed how the car is made but also how it will fit in with any ones life style. From the musician to the business professional, there is a model or style of the 500 that will adapt and complement their life. As I will say with every car ad, the manufacturer needs to stress the lifestyle of the individual and how the vehicle will fit in to it and if possible, add to its quality.

The creativity was there but it wasn’t as pronounced as say a Toyota Prius commercial due to how we have seen when they will try to show how two things and their action appear to be similar. The paint robots and the man spraying the water from the hose, the woman spraying water into the sink and the robot painting inside of the hood, the woman putting in her contacts while the robots put in the car’s headlights, and so on. Even though it has been seen before, I think they have done a better job at this concept than others have in the past.

All in all I think that Fiat did a great job of showing off their new car from the ground up while keeping the building process relevant to everyone’s lives. It is not the typical ad and I am not sure if it was even shown on Tv but regardless I am going to rate it as every other video ad by giving it an 8 out of 10. The quality and the entertainment where there but the overall feeling and amazement was lacking. I am very pleased with this ad campaign that Fiat as had going since the launch of their new vehicle and it will be interesting to see where they take it in the future.


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