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Get Me to the Greek!

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
Believe it or not, I used to be in a sorority. For a whole whopping semester.
I was an initiated Zeta Tau Alpha.
BUT that's not the kind of Greek that my title is referring to. Nope! I'm talking about Greek yogurt :)
Get Me to the Greek!
The first time that someone told me that Greek yogurt was "better" for me than regular yogurt I was so sad, because I remember thinking that Greek yogurt was disgusting. But now that I know HOW to eat Greek yogurt I love it so much more than regular yogurt.
What makes Greek yogurt...well, Greek?
No it is not Greek yogurt because it is imported from Greece ;) Greek yogurt is strained, which removes a lot of the excess liquid (whey), making the yogurt creamier and a little bit thicker.
Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt
-There is about twice the amount of protein in Greek yogurt than there is in regular yogurt...which means that it will fill you up more and for a longer amount of time.
-There are less carbs in Greek yogurt.
-There is less sodium in Greek yogurt.
-There is less lactose in Greek yogurt.
Shopping for Greek yogurt
-I'm VERY careful when it comes to buying yogurt that has added fruit/flavor. Most of the time, those are loaded with tons of sugar that isn't really necessary. I opt for buying "plain" or "vanilla" flavored.
-I also like to buy anything that I can that is organic, which is why I buy Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt. Oikos has 0% fat and uses five live active cultures.
My favorite ways to eat Greek yogurt
-For breakfast I like to have a bowl of Greek yogurt and add blueberries, raspberries & almonds. If I have a little bit of a sweet tooth I'll even add a teaspoon of organic honey. 
-I like to use Greek yogurt in smoothies when I want it to be a little bit thicker and when I want to add a little bit of protein to my smoothie (lean protein, that is :))
-I like to make protein pancakes and use Greek yogurt in the batter.
-For more cooking with Greek yogurt ideas you can go here!
Now that I'm all about the Greek yogurt, I think that's reason enough to take a trip to Greece?!
Yeah? ;)
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