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Get Gorgeous: New Skincare Line

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood

Get Gorgeous: New Skincare Line

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A few weeks back, I got an email from Daniel Thompson of Daniel Thompson Beauty. It was part of a blast to bloggers and media introducing their new (refreshed) beauty & skincare line. Daniel was kind enough to send samples of their cleanser and moisturizer for me to test out and report back to you. I love beauty products and love testing new brands that you may have never even heard about. I hadn't heard of Daniel Thompson until that email and had never tried the products until the box arrived with the samples. Beauty brands make all kinds of promises - make your skin look younger, brighter, firmer, better - or - less wrinkles, less brown spots - or - erasing sun damage, scars - or - evening skin tone, colour, texture etc. You get the picture. In all my years of buying and trying products, one thing is certain: in order to see results, you have to stick to a strict skin care routine. For busy ladies who don't have more than 15 minutes, you should consider a line like Daniel Thompson Beauty. Yummy Mummy club approved.
Get Gorgeous: New Skincare Line
First, let me give you some background on Daniel Thompson Beauty. It's the first eco-medical skincare line available in Canada. Meaning, the products are all free from:
DEA related ingredients
Formaldehyde preservatives
Sodium Laureth/Laurel Sulphate

Get Gorgeous: New Skincare Line
All the products are 100% Canadian made and all ingredients are naturally derived. In May 2012, Daniel Thompson Beauty will open the first fully integrated eco-department store in Canada called Terra20. According to the information they sent me...
"The secret is a medical based carrier that delivers active ingredients based on hormonal fluctuations in the skin.  The actives are delivered only when the skin requires them and because there are no synthetic or chemical carriers there is less than 1% risk of irritation or adverse reaction. These formulas can be used on any skin type and can address any skin care concern.  Due to the in-stasis formulas these products can be used in conjunction with any other skin care product without risk of adverse interactions.Two products, from the Daniel Thompson Cosmeceutical collection, provide the results of eight separate products from a traditional skin care range, and all for about the price of a good night cream!"
I used the cleanser and the moisturizer every night for a week. It isn't enough time to report back on results but I did notice a few things. The cleanser is milky and creamy. It leaves the skin quite moisturized. Instead of that dry feeling you get post-face wash. And, the moisturizer is rich. It took my skin a bit of time to absorb it. The products are odourless and in fancy packaging. All in all, I was quite satisfied with the performance of the two products.  I'm going to keep using it as part of my nightly routine and see if I notice even better results after a few months. The good thing is, it easily integrates with my existing products without causing any sort of irritation.  
Get Gorgeous: New Skincare Line
If you're looking for a natural product that doesn't require too much time or effort, I'd recommend trying Daniel Thompson Beauty. You can even pick up mineral rich make up from their latest collection to compliment your glowing skin!
Enjoy! Get Gorgeous: New Skincare Line
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