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Get Fresh With La Fresh Wipes

By Suma @ThFabJunkie

Get Fresh With La Fresh Wipes
Hey Loves! 
I was so honored when La Fresh contacted me though twitter to try some of their products. The moment they asked, I jumped on the offer. I have seen their wipes around before, just never had the chance to try them. A few weeks later, I received a package with a range of wipes. On a side note, I may have said this before but makeup wipes can be your best friend when you are on the go or just too lazy to take off your "face". I know, you should never be too lazy but HEY, things happen.
The awesome people at La Fresh sent me four different types of wipes to try. The small packaging of each wipe is perfect to throw into your purse or anywhere else. I love things that are compact but pack a punch. Each wipe has it's own purpose and I couldn't wait to try each one!
Get Fresh With La Fresh Wipes
La Fresh: Waterproof Makeup Remover {Purple Packaging}-Paraben free-100% biodegradable wet wipe for eyes and lips.Dissolves resistant makeup and conditions skin_______________________________________________________
La Fresh: Oil-Free Face Cleanser {Pink Packaging}-Refreshing scent & paraben free)-100% biodegradable wet wipeGently cleanses and detoxifies effectively removes makeup______________________________________________________
La Fresh : Instant Body Smoother {Green Packaging}-100% biodegradable wet wipePeppermint moisture. Silky sheerRevitalizes and smoothes dry over worked skin on contact________________________________________________________
La Fresh: Oil- Free Face Cleanser {Red Packaging}-Fragrance free and paraben free)-100% biodegradable wet wipeGently cleanses and detoxifies effectively removes makeup ________________________________________________________
I couldn't figure out what I loved more, the way the wipes made me feel or the cute directions that were written in the back. Things like "gently wipe face with love and good intention" or "Breathe deeply. You'll soon feel a soothing, cooling sensation and a sense of happy well-being"-I mean, how cute? The wipes definitely stand by their description. I used the Oil-Free Face Cleanser the other night when I came home from being out all day and just couldn't make it to the sink. It dissolved the little makeup I had on, and the refreshing scent was perfect. I love the Instant Body Smoother so much, that I have convinced my boyfriend to try it. Let's just say, I don't have any left.
A big thank you to the awesome La Fresh Team! I hope you guys get to try their wipes soon. They also come in pop-up packages. If you find one you love, you can always get a bigger package! You can check out their Facebook page for more info on any of their products! Until next time...............

Get Fresh With La Fresh Wipes

*The views and opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not compensated for my work*

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