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German Elections – Angela Merkel on Course for Another Victory.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

angele merkel

If there is so much as a racing certainty in political elections, then on 22nd September in Germany we will see Angela Merkel, the incumbent Chancellor of Germany renew her position for another term of office. Frau Merkel is as popular today in Germany as she has ever been and Germany is seen as the powerhouse in Europe and the one economy that has bucked the trends through the Western World of depression and has kept on building and growing. We all talk about German efficiency, but that the way they like it there and so long as the leader is doing a steady job, the German people like to stick with what they know. Angela has guided Germany through the choppy waters of the past 5 years without hitting the rocks and as a reward she will remain ship’s captain into the foreseeable future. Why? The Astrology says so.

Germany Merkel

Have a look at Angela’s natal chart against that of the traditional German natal chart of 1871 and you can see the hold she has over the nation. Her Sun its in the German 10th house of the government and the people in charge as is Jupiter sitting conjunct to the Midheaven alongside Mercury. The way she speaks and expresses her vision goes in line with the manner that the country is used to be governed. As for authority, Angela’s Saturn opposes the German Moon (the population) so she commands a respectful position over them, this is the sign of a leader and one who administrates on behalf of them. Angela’s cool Aquarian Moon makes a square to the nation’s Pluto so here is a connection through to the business leaders and corporations within Germany. They may not see eye to eye, but Angela’s individual and “keep at a distance” approach will gain their respect.

The German national chart is ruled by Libra and Angela’s natal North Node, her destiny in this life sits conjunct to the German South Node, Sun and Venus conjunction. This is a person who is destined to be at one with the country and they feel comfortable with her. Her natal Venus make a couple of lovely trine aspects to the German Moon and the German natal Saturn, bringing a loyal and stable relationship. This is a connection and a relationship with the population that will last as long as Angela wants it to last or unless those closest to her turn on her. Her natal Pluto in the German 11th house of the political parties shows power and control, but also secret manipulation and transformation too.

AngelaMerkel transits

Having a look at the transits for the election on Sunday and things look really good for Angela. Her natal chart is ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarian Ascendant), her point of career, her Midheaven, is ruled by Venus (Libra on the cusp of the 10th) and on the 22nd, both transiting Venus still conjunct to Saturn the planet of stability and ambition are making trines to her natal Jupiter. This is expansion, good luck and career progression all rolled into one. Transiting Pluto moving in her personal 1st house is opposing that Jupiter too increasing her power and her hold over other people who oppose her. She has just had a Jupiter return that will have given her a boost  and right now Jupiter is making an encouraging square to her Midheaven. Her only enemy in these elections will be over-confidence and complacency and I can’t see that occurring. In the next year as transiting Jupiter turns retrograde, she will experience this conjunction and this Midheaven square a couple more times too. Even transiting Neptune which can be a debilitating influence is helping here. Yes it may be opposing her natal Venus and this may cause her trouble into early next year as Neptune returns to 5 degrees Pisces but it is also making a beneficial trine to her natal Saturn solidifying her dreams for 2013.

I cannot see any way that she will not become Chancellor for a third term and her love affair with the German people continues to strengthen. I do wonder  however once Saturn enters her 11th house whether her political friends may cause her more problems that the opposition will? You know I believe the only way that she will ever relinquish control of her position will be if there is an internal coup within her Christian Democratic Union party, just like the one a certain previous powerful female leader with a science degree that we had in the United Kingdom suffered at the hands of her former political friends and colleagues. On this idea, we will have to wait and see if history repeats itself.

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