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George Town, Bahamas

By Saltykisses @svprili
george town title If you’re headed for the Bahamas it won’t take long before you hear the question:
When are you getting to George Town?
All cruisers eventually hit George Town, it is the prime destination for all cruisers. Beautiful beaches, great grocery store, good spot to fly in and out off and of course there’s the social aspect of it.
For us being in George Town was like being a cruise. We arrived during Regatta week where there were 370+ sailboats. Everyday there were scheduled activities for both kids and adults. Carl is more of a social butterfly than me, I’m happier chilling out on the beach chatting to other mums.
In the week we were there Carl played volleyball, poker, competed in downwind dinghy race, blind rowing race and we all did the poker bar run. The kids had a Spanish class and participated in kids day. There was also a pot luck for cruising families one night and the Regatta concert too. We were busy everyday, we officially needed a break from George Town, we were exhausted.
We met some great families there and bummed we had to leave them behind. Thanks to Chrissy and Sean on SV Paisley for hanging with us and giving us some hand-me-down winter clothes for the kids.Thanks to Chad and Marsha on SV Free Spirit for some good beach hangout time. Thanks Abby and Jeff on SV Mojo for the mumma advice and beach fun. Also thanks to Shelley on SV Shelle Belle for the extra kid toys, Carl is especially thrilled with the Ikea bag. Trip and Lisa on SV Piper, we hope to see you again. 
We had such a great time and have never seen so many boating kids, we would get to Volley Ball beach and our two girls would literally disappear for a couple of hours playing with all the other kids. George Town is a must in the Bahamas, especially if you have kids. Just don’t stay for too long, it sucks you in and before you know it you’ll spend the whole winter season there….. or longer!george town 3 george town1 group picAbove is the group we mainly hung out with, this was the day of the poker bar run.
georgetown georgetown1 Above is a bunch of kids got together to be taught Spanish for the morning, boat schooling at its best!

Farewell George Town and our extended family.

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