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General Motors (Grumman) FM-2 Wildcat

By Htam

2011__HHD7942_D300.jpg@ San Carlos Airport, San Carlos, CA

January 2011

Tom Camp taxies out in his Wildcat after exhibiting it at the Hiller Aviation Museum.  The tubby Grumman F4F Wildcat first flew in 1937 and entered into production two years later.  In 1942 Grumman needed to focus on the new F6F Hellcat and outsourced Wildcat production to General Motors with the FM-1 designation.  GM subsequently improved on the design with the FM-2, with a larger engine and taller tail.  Nikon D300 w/300mm, processed with Aperture.

General Motors (Grumman) FM-2 Wildcat

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