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Gelish - Twinkle

By Goosesglitter @GoosesGlitter
This is my first ever Gelish manicure. Now I should start out by saying that I am NOT a professional nail tech (not licensed either). But since I bought a SensatioNail kit at Wal-Mart recently, I've been so excited to see which other products work with the mini LED lamp that it came with.
Now I've seen the Gelish Mini system at Sally's, so does this mean they are marketing it for DIY at home use? I have no idea, but their Mini selection is kinda limited so I went searching the internet for the more sparkly and unique Gelish polishes. This I bought from a seller on Amazon for about $12 (not bad considering the Mini's cost $12-13 each at Sally's).
Gelish - Twinkle
Gelish - Twinkle
Gelish - Twinkle
Let me tell you, I searched high and low for a good swatch that showed the true color of Twinkle (and Bronzed as well... I was deciding between the two) but hardly found one. I KNEW I wanted a gold glitter soak-off gel (we all know how I LOVE gold glitter!) and I figured it'd be reasonable to buy a full-size bottle.
OHMYGOOSES, I'm in love. This has that wonderful bronze-gold glitter that looks somewhat like Butter London West End Wonderland and Milani Gold Glitz (except this glitter is all one color, not a mix). As if that weren't awesome enough already it also has a tiny bit of IRIDESCENT GLITTER too! *GASP... SWOON* It's hard to portray just how captivated I am with this color, especially because I praise almost everything I put on my blog, but seriously, it's perfect. The only thing about it is that it takes four coats to look like this picture, and because of that it's a little bit thick.
So here's the deal.  I have no idea how this will wear or even how long I'll keep it on, but if it DOES chip or have problems, it's probably my own doing.  Again, I'm not a nail tech and as this is supposed to be used by a professional, I don't really think I can fault the Gelish itself if it doesn't last.  However, I will comment on the wear of it in the future just to give you an idea of how it lasts.
Here is what I used for this manicure:  SensatioNail clear base/top coat gel (1 coat), Gelish Twinkle (four coats), and Red Carpet Manicure Brilliance (top coat gel, 1 coat), each layer cured for 30 sec in the SensatioNail 3060 LED lamp.
I will be posting a review of the SensatioNail kit as a whole shortly, as well as giving away the starter kit and an extra shade for my next giveaway at 500 followers!

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