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Gay Men, Straight Men and Promiscuity

Posted on the 21 November 2013 by Calvinthedog

Samuel R. Delany, referenced in the previous post, is a famous gay Black science fiction writer. In an interview here, he states that over a 14 year period, he had sex with almost 4,000 different men, mostly in New York City. All that anonymous gay sex in such a disease-saturated subculture using dangerous sex practices cannot possibly be a good idea.

Peter: “…You can keep up an 8 hour a day job, an active social life, have your 300 contacts, and not even be late for dinner. Thousands of gay men in New York live this say…The straight people…have no notion of the amount of sexual opportunity that is available to gay male in New York City!”

Delaney: Most straights…do not realize…that a moderately good looking gay man can have two or three contacts while he’s in the subway on the way to see the doctor to see if he has AIDS!

Gay men have always been insanely promiscuous. This has been a feature of gay male culture in the US for much of this century. There is nothing new about it. It exploded in the 1970′s as new opportunities arose for gay men to have many more partners than before. Of course, some very nasty diseases were churned up by all that promiscuity and risky sexual practices, as one might expect. The promiscuity leveled off somewhat in the 1980′s and since, but it is still quite common for gay men to have many, many more sexual partners than the average straight man does.

There has been a strong trend recently to get gay men to into committed relationships and even gay marriages, but it is having a hard time going over not only due to societal resistance but also due to the fact that gay men tend to do poorly in committed relationships because many of them are too promiscuous to get into one in the first place and others, even if they are in a committed relationship or marriage, are legendary for screwing as many guys they can only the side. Indeed, many committed gay relationships or gay marriages have “arrangements” whereby they can screw around with other guys if they want to.

It would be interesting to look at gay men in other societies to see if they are as wildly promiscuous as they are here in the West.

Many theories have arisen about why gay men are so promiscuous, but no one seems to understand it. It has nothing to do with homosexuality per se, as lesbians are renowned for having few partners and even not much sex at all. Some say that this is what happens when you loose men into an all male society without the inhibitions of women. Men will pretty much screw anything and many of them want to screw all the time. The male appetite for variety is legendary.

Thing is, it is virtually impossible for the overwhelming majority of straight men to have the number of partners that Delaney did – sex with 300, 150 or even 50 a year. Any guy who can pull that off deserves the Medal of Honor, because it’s not an easy feat at all. Not only that, but any guy who can screw that many chicks is an Alpha by definition!

Truth is that straight men are probably not that much different than gay men. If there were enough women out there so that screwing 50-300 women a year was not nearly impossible, I am quite certain that a lot of straight men would do just that! It is only the inhibitions and limitations that women put on straight men that keeps them from imitating their gay brothers. I am sure there would be quite a few straight men who would “just say no” to these new opportunities and remain in monogamous relationships, but I think there would be quite a few who could not resist the temptation.

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