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Gattu: A Heartwarming Tale of Hope

Posted on the 16 January 2013 by Haricharanpudipeddi @pudiharicharan

Movie: Gattu

Director: Rajan Khosa

Cast: Mohammad Samad, Sarvasva, Naresh Kumar and Bhura

Rating: ***1/2

Sitting through “Gattu” is like walking down our childhood memory lane that we love the most but hardly ever find time to reminisce. As a viewer one is persuaded to revisit his or her long forgotten childhood memories through the eyes of the title character “Gattu”, who has an even more endearing story to narrate. Clocking a running time of 82 minutes, it’s very likely that one is arrested by the heart-tugging story of this film.

Gattu, a nine-year old orphan, working in his uncle’s garbage-recycling business, likes to spend most of his time flying kites. In the kite-flying arena, a kite named Kali with an anonymous origin is the champion of the skies. Gattu is determined to defeat Kali at all cost but for that to happen he needs to reach the tallest roof in the town.

Very soon, Gattu discovers a school with a tall roof and impersonating as an exchange student, he sneaks into the school. But, there’s one little problem – he can neither read nor write! How does little Gattu find ways to fulfill his dream?

Winner of best film at New York Indian Film Festival, 2012; “Gattu” is a sincere effort by filmmaker Rajan Khosa, which deserves to looked beyond as a children’s film. Through the character essayed by Mohammad Samad, Khosa delicately harps on the importance of hope. It’s also one of those films which appeals to both, kids and adults. To call it a children’s film would be senseless as there’s a larger overarching message hidden within.

The film dives into the fascinating world of Gattu, which may not be associated with affluent lifestyle but is filled with eye-pleasing colorful kites. While the film highlights the importance of mastering what one loves the most, it also shifts focus on the path that leads to success. The entire school episode may have taken the child protagonist closer to his destination, but it is here, Khosa wants his audience to understand that it’s important the path one chooses to realize his or her dream.  

Samad as Gattu makes one fall in love with his character. His winning smile and street smartness fit into his character to stamp the common perception that intellect has nothing to do with the surrounding environment. Rajan keeps the film as realistic as possible and doesn’t tamper with the roles portrayed by the kids. He allows them to be natural in their performances.

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