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Gastric Bypass Surgery Vs Diet and Exercise: What is Good for Obesity

Posted on the 27 January 2017 by Anan Adisa

Gastric bypass surgery vs diet and exercise: Overview

Gastric Bypass Surgery vs Diet and Exercise: What is Good for Obesity
Most people frown at the idea of an obese person going under knife to lose weight. IN a two year analysis of over 11 studies involving about 796 obese participants, researchers have found that gastric bypass surgery helped them lose an average of 53.7 lbs more than those who preferred diet and exercise. They also saw 22 times the remission rates for the obesity related diseases and metabolic syndrome including blood pressure, increased abdominal fat, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol levels, etc. Post surgery, patients have reported greater improvements in quality of life measure which had greater reduction in medical use than the non-surgical patients who choose diet and exercise.

Gastric bypass surgery pros and cons

The pros of gastric bypass surgery are:

  • Fairly quick and patient can start eating solid foods within a short frame of time
  • Very effective as it has shown to drop the excess weight quickly and patients will continue to lose weight for up to two years after the surgery
  • The long term weight loss means the health complication related to obesity will be greatly reduced
  • Overall improvement in health is dramatic post surgery when followed up with exercise and healthy eating

The cons of gastric bypass surgery are:

  • It will change your diet and lifestyle permanently which can run risk of a lowered immune system, your body may become malnourished and suffer from effects of anemia
  • Dumping syndrome is caused when the person consumes foods that are high in sugar content which are simply passed through the stomach and you may experience acid reflux or diarrhea, nausea

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Gastric bypass surgery statistics

Over the past few years, gastric bypass surgery has become a low risk procedure with a mortality rate of about one in every 1000 patients who undergo it. However, there are still some things which should be considered regarding the gastric bypass surgery statistics. The mortality rate of the gastric bypass surgery should be determines by taking the number of deaths in a 30 day period immediately post surgery. At times, individuals may have serious surgery related problem much later hence the mortality rate may not be an accurate reflection for the gastric bypass statistics
Gastric Bypass Surgery vs Diet and Exercise: What is Good for Obesity

Diet and Exercise Pros and Cons

Pros of diet include:

  • Weight loss
  • Confidence boost

On the other hand, the cons of diet are:

  • Poses various health risks
  • Short-term solution

The pros of exercise include:

  • Increased energy
  • Workout boost
  • Better memory
  • A rosier outlook
  • Look younger

The cons of exercise are:

  • Increased risk of injury
  • Changes in relationships
  • The Halo effect

Success rate of diet and exercise

The success rate of diet and exercise is short term and ranges from 2 to 20% only.

Author Opinion

As per a new study, gastric bypass surgery is more effective than diet and exercise as it helps the obese people to stave off the obesity related diseases by losing weight which will eventually improve their quality of life. Hence, the gastric bypass surgery is an option for people with a BMI of 40 or higher or those with 35 or higher BMI and have serious weight-related health issue. This surgery will change the way the digestive system operates by limiting the amount of food a person can eat by making the stomach smaller by surgical removal of a portion of the stomach
Gastric Bypass Surgery vs Diet and Exercise: What is Good for Obesity


Although the method is straightforward, gastric bypass surgery is still a major surgery with has its risks and complications. Therefore, it is very important to talk with your doctor before undergoing this procedure to find out whether it is suitable for you. If you have decided to undergo the gastric bypass surgery, then India is the best option for the patients from abroad since they can afford the low cost surgery here. 
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