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Garlic Baguette

By Crustabakes

As mentioned in my previous post, i am desperately trying to adapt to the new house while still keep things looking normal around here.

In case any of you are wondering, i am moving to an apartment unit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, i am no stranger when it comes to living in apartments. In fact, all my 16 years of education life in Singapore, I’ve lived in nothing but apartments.

But that was before i started this blog.

That was before i couldn’t give two hoots about the size of my kitchen,

 or how large my refrigerator was,

or how freely the sunlight reaches our outdoor yard, making it the most perfect studio to take photos in.

But really, i shouldn’t be complaining. I am happy in our new little house.

Sure, i might need to make some major adjustments. But they are not impossible.

To kickstart things off, i made my first bake of the house.

Garlic Baguette

The Garlic Baguette.

They are looking quite ashen and pale. That’s because i brushed the dough with milk instead of egg yolk before going into the oven.

Garlic Baguette

You might also notice the difference in lighting in my pictures. These are taken with artificial light. I can no longer push the door open and walk to our yard the way i usually did.

Because the apartment is in midair. And because we have no yard.

Garlic Baguette

And as for the lack of props?

Well, lesser living space means lesser storage space. I couldnt bring my gigantic trunk of coloured bowls and plates with me. I’ve selected a few of my faves of course. But they are still packed in some boxes…. somewhere.

So till i get to them, these would have to do.

Garlic Baguette

Despite all the setbacks, these are still good breads.

Using an overnight sponge dough, these breads have that that deep, complex flavour that is only attained when the yeast are allowed a slow rising. I can’t really describe it. It’s slightly sour, and maybe salty. but it’s definitely flavourful and aromatic. Just the way good breads are supposed to be!

And how to settle the garlic into the baguette?

Well, after their final proofing, i’ve sliced the middle of the unbaked baguette with a knife (Do not slice it till the ends, or the bottom of the baguette, just a slight tear on the surface is good enough). And in that tear, i’ve pipped in the garlic butter, before they go straight into the oven. 

Now, doesnt that sound super easy?


Garlic Baguette

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