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Mango Orange Popsicles

By Crustabakes

Mango Orange Popsicles to cool off super hot summer afternoons!
Mango Orange Popsicles
We made these the night before, froze them overnight, and had them the next day for an afternoon treat.

Mango Orange Popsicles

Mango Orange Popsicle:

1/2 cup of diced, tree ripened, sweet mangoes

1 TBS orange Juice

1 cup Greek Yogurt, mixed with about 2 tbs of honey (or more to taste)

1. Blend mangoes with the OJ and 1/4 cup of Greek Yogurt. Spoon them to the bottom of the popsicle mold. Freeze for about 1/2 hour

2. Top with remaining Greek Yogurt, and freeze overnight


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