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Game/PUA: It Never Ends

Posted on the 26 May 2018 by Calvinthedog

It Never Ends

I think I can still get women my own age. Some of them still look pretty good, believe it or not. And it never ends. I was talking to a 61 year old total fox, full-on 10. It went a little ways with her and then it stopped after maybe 10 days. She was falling a bit in love with me too. I will elaborate how I could tell that if you wish.

Anyway, she said she was getting deluged with messages, all from older men. Total bombardment. So there is no man shortage. When it comes to the hottest women, it’s  10-20 guys chasing every hottie just like it’s always been at every other age. When you were 14, there were 10-20 boys chasing after every hottie. When you are 60, there will be 10-20 men that age chasing after every hottie. When you go for the hotter women, the 8-10’s, it’s always a horse race, you’re always fighting a platoon of competitors, and the odds are always against you. In order to get the hottie, you have to beat those 15 other guys. You have to  better than they are. That’s the only way she is going to choose you.

It never ends.

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