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Game Review: Gremlins 2

Posted on the 06 November 2013 by Donnambr @_mrs_b

Review: Gremlins 2 (Amiga)

I loved both Gremlins films and always wondered why no more were made. Back in the early nineties I had to content myself with Gremlins 2 on the Amiga. This simple side scrolling platformer puts the player in charge of Billy who has to negotiate five levels, collecting a key item on each one before he can progress. As with the film, the setting is in Clamp Enterprises and Billy has to work his way through locations such as offices, a lobby and a film studio, evading or dispatching any gremlins that stand in his way. The key items you require are all designed to defeat the gremlins in the conclusion and range from changing the clocks, stopping the water supply and somehow catching the infamous electric gremlin who can be found on the fourth level. The items are visible as yellow G icons and are found in a variety of locations on each level.

Some of the gremlins you encounter cannot be defeated, popping up from behind desks and throwing items at you such as tomatoes and cigarette ash. Many of the gremlins are at your mercy though and include cheeky chaps on skateboards, pogo sticks and rockets, while some are armed with guns. The female gremlin is in there, as are the quartet that first spawn from Gizmo in the film, including the fearsome Mohawk. In order to combat the gremlins, Billy can gather items such as frisbees, tomatoes, boomerangs, but most usefully torches. The torches come in an array of models with some firing just one beam but others can fire up to three while a very fancy one allows you to fire beams from either side, thus protecting you from both the front and back simultaneously. As well as your weapons you can rely on power ups with one leading to Gizmo parachuting into the scene and shooting fiery arrows at your enemies.

Gremlins 2 is a very brief game and although it’s initially quite difficult when you first play through, more experienced gamers will soon master and complete it without really breaking sweat. The assortment of gremlins involved make this quite fun but the absence of the fantastic Brain Gremlin is a real shame. The ending is something of a let down as well. You simply take a lift out of the final level and that’s it. No drama or boss battles to contend with for the denouement. What’s there has appeal but the novelty will soon pass.

Gremlins 2 is a fun platformer and will be enjoyed by fans of the Gremlins movies. With only five very short levels, you won’t be on this game for very long, certainly less than an hour once you have got to grips with it. Younger gamers may find this one a bit too difficult but older gamers will breeze through. Fun while it lasts, Gremlins 2 doesn’t have anything left in the tank after a few play throughs.

Verdict: 3/5

Game Review: Gremlins 2

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