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Game Review: Chuck Rock

Posted on the 14 August 2013 by Donnambr @_mrs_b

Review: Chuck Rock (Amiga)

I remember watching repeats of The Flintstones when I was growing up, even then wondering how Fred could be locked out of his house when he could just climb through the open windows. Anyway, back in the early nineties the love of the prehistoric extended to the platformer Chuck Rock. Sadly, the copy I had of this game was faulty so I never got through this game in its entirety so it was great to go back twenty years later to witness it once more.

Chuck Rock is the overweight, beer loving hero of the title. He is married to Ophelia Rock who is kidnapped at the outset by Gary Gritter. Chuck is watching television at the time while his wife is hanging the laundry outside. When Chuck goes to check on her he finds her gone and sets out to rescue her, not before stopping off in some bushes, to prepare some makeshift attire for his more sensitive areas.

Chuck Rock is a side scrawling platformer with a cartoon feel to it along with elements of slapstick. The Prehistoric setting pitches you against many dinosaurs, insects and other threats. Chuck can leap and kick at his foes, strike them with his beer gut, or pick up rocks and, well, chuck them. Some dinosaurs can assist you, bridging lakes or carrying you to higher points but the majority will have to be fought or evaded.

Chuck must traverse a series of landscapes including underground canyons and even having to swim on occasion. At the end of each section you’ll face off against a boss which requires many hits to take down. All of this is going on while a fabulous rock track plays in the background which blends in nicely with the chaos on screen.

Chuck Rock is only a short experience but it is fun all the way through and remains detailed, colourful, funny and action-packed. A sequel followed in 1993 with Chuck’s infant son but it didn’t have the same charm as this brilliant original. “Unga Bunga!”

Verdict: 4/5

Game Review: Chuck Rock

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