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Game Review: Cannon Fodder

Posted on the 25 September 2013 by Donnambr @_mrs_b

Cannon Fodder (Amiga)

Back in the early nineties Amiga gamers that delved into the world of Cannon Fodder became attached to the likes of Jools, Jops, Stoo and CJ and sang, “War, it’s never been so much fun!” Sensible Software, the team behind Sensible Soccer, went all out war with this classic game where you have to guide groups of soldiers into battle against the enemy through a series of missions, many of them divided into phases. You’re armed with guns, grenades, rockets and you will even get the opportunity to control jeeps, tanks and helicopters.

Amongst the terrain you will have to negotiate are jungles, frozen plains, canyons, the English countryside and underground bases. Missions vary in their requirements. In some cases you are ordered to kill all the enemy, others to destroy enemy buildings and later on you may have to rescue hostages. Enemy buildings contain a seemingly inexhaustible supply of soldiers and the only way to stop the output is to blow the building up to stem the flow. Later, those enemy headquarters are pretty tough and require something a little more powerful than your grenades and rockets. Most of your enemies will be the standard soldiers armed with guns but some have bazookas while others will come at you in tanks and helicopters. They’re all united in wanting to kill you so you’ll need to be careful out there.

Cannon Fodder has lost none of its charm. You have a limited amount of soldiers with the first ones being Jools, Jops and Stoo. Whenever you finish a mission your soldier’s rank improves. If they are killed in battle you have to witness their graves on a large hill between missions where recruits stand lined up ready for battle and Sensible Software have gone all football on us with a Home and Away tally at the top recording how many soldiers on each side have been killed. Given the size of the soldiers the game isn’t too violent for gamers though there is a lot of destruction and carnage, men screaming as they are shot and even angry farmers shouting, “Get orf my land!” which never fails to raise a smile. The only downside to the game, if any, is that it does get very difficult in the later missions and you’ll often need luck to get through some very tough battles, especially in missions when you have just one man at your disposal!

Cannon Fodder is one of the best games that ever appeared on the Amiga. Little soldiers tip-toeing round harsh battle grounds, their names forcing you to form an attachment with them and near sobbing when your brave boys are inevitably killed in some fierce exchanges. Between the amusing names for the missions, the catchy theme tune and the variety of objectives you are given, Cannon Fodder still has a great deal to offer.

Verdict: 5/5

Game Review: Cannon Fodder

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