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G'day Africa!

By Lakota @FHCShopping
[I just found this knocking around in my draft posts, written shortly after Children in Need day at the boys' old school.]
Following a day where he'd gone into school wearing spots à la Pudsey Bear for a £1 charity donation*, Boy2 was uncharacteristically forthcoming about what he'd learned in class. I listened proudly as he told me they'd watched a film explaining why they were raising funds, showing children with no shoes walking miles to school, and how sometimes they would only have one meal a day. "They don't have houses like us Mummy, and maybe only one toy. And they have to drink dirty brown water that can make you not well". I was really pleased at how well he'd listened and taken in what they'd been taught, and told him so, adding that we were very lucky in our country, and shouldn't forget it. 
He walked from the room with the satisfied air of one who has imparted great wisdom:
"And that is all about Australia" he said.
So close...
Lakota x
* you can tell whoever thinks up this stuff has girls. When was the last time you saw boys' clothing with polka dots on? 

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