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Full Moon by Zara Ibrahim

By Misslara16 @misslara

Zara Ibrahim is an MSc graduate from the university of Buckingham, she is my friend and in fact an amazing chef! She loves to spend her spare time writing short stories and here is her début. Enjoy!

With the whole of her might Nelly dug her heels to the ground as she increased her pace running for her life. Sure she was not followed she stopped to recovered her breath, with nothing but the cricking of crickets and the chirp of birds, it was a full moon the night wasn't as dark as usual the light from the full moon shone to give light to her path. Realising her environment she felt a sharp pain on her feet she looked down to see she had no shoes on with blood dripping out of her feet, her pain increased this time not only emotional but physical as well. Looking up through her tears she saw the head lights of a car fast approaching, she tried to hop as quickly as possible out of site but her legs failed her, her fear over powered her making her week. Lying by the side of the road she shut her eye and recaptured the event that led to her fleeing for her life and landing on the side of the high way. That fateful day Nelly had left the house early without even a shower to help her sister prepare for her niece’s 5th year birthday party. The day had gone so well until she arrived home after the party. Entering the house silently to surprise her husband- Fredrick who was two decades older than her rich, suave and a lady killer at fifty five had given her a greater shock. She met and fell in love with Frederick while she worked at unity bank. Frederick really had his way with the ladies; he charmed her with the experience he had amassed from wooing women, he provided for every and any of her need, showering her with gifts of the finer things in life until he had her hooked on him then he proposed and married her.She got to the front of his study room wanting to sneak in on him and plant a kiss on his lips but she was stopped on the front of the door as she heard Frederick’s voice on the phone “it has to go down today Nelly should be back within the hour I know she will give me a ring before she gets home however make your way to my house now I will put things in place before you both arrive I become a widower today let me continue to brush up my acting skills see you soon remember I want it clean and painless”.Dishevelled by her husband’s plot to kill her, she stepped back silently as he continued with his pretense mourning she quietly went down the stairs getting to the front of the door she peaked out of the window and saw a truck packed in front of the house fear spiralled over her body, pulling herself back she decided to make a run for it without her car in order not to attract attention to herself, Nelly swung the door open poised to take  off and went for it, she didn't even get out of the house when a huge frame appeared in front of the door she slammed the door shut on him and landed right into the house. Panicking she screamed attracting her husband’s attention as he rushed down the stairs in an attempt to save her. Playing along Frederick said to his wife “honey we are being robbed” giving a sign to the mercenary who had a machete in his hand to go on with the act. Nelly fearlessly looking up got back on her feet looked her husband in the eye said “you don’t have to pretend Frederick I know your plan". What have I ever done to you to make you want to kill me? Why Fredrick why? "Whatever you want you can have I will disappear from your life and you will never hear from me nobody will hear about this I promise please let me live, let me go" she said as she went on her knees grabbing tightly her husband’s leg. Fredrick reached for her neck with his right hand held it tightly pulling her back to her feet and at arm’s length distance from him, Nelly squeaked in pain trying to wiggle her way out of his grip. His grip got tighter,-his intent was clear he wanted her dead. Whatever the reason was she could not phantom. Just as Nelly slipped off consciousness he threw her to the floor as a pack of rubbish and approached the mercenary “now I want a clean stab to her heart, but first hit me I need to look like I struggled with the bugler” landing a blow across Frederick’s face he fell to the ground and was helped up immediately by the mercenary. Back on his feet he called on the mercenary to help him create a mess on the house as there had been a struggle. In the process of her husband and his companion creating a mess Nelly came back to consciousness and with the speed of light made it on her feet and out of the door running for her dear life the noise from her heels attracted her husband attention as they chased her frantically. Lying by the side of the road Nelly shook in fear at the sound of a closing car door. Just as she opened her eyes to see who it was; the hand of the mercenary jerked her to her feet as he responded to her husband’s calling “bring her to the car we have to take her back home I reckon we haven’t attracted any ones attention yet”. Taking her back to the car she looked up at the full moon as if energised by the moon she freed herself from his hold and fell to the ground just about then a group of drunken teenagers pulled up their car demanding to know what was happening hoping to enjoy the action but Fredrick flashed a gun at them and they scrambled back to the car and drove off. Pulling her back to her feet Frederick rushed to Nelly grabbed her by the neck with his left hand collected the knife from the mercenary with the right hand and said “I have no reason to kill you other than I can and get away with it, besides its cheaper and less controversial this way so "hasta la vista" baby using the knife to pierce her belly. Bundling her bleeding body into the back car, he got in to drive the car the mercenary was nowhere to be found. He drove off cursing at him.Arriving at the house he got down to drag his wife out of the car, he met the door opened and she was nowhere to be found, “surely she couldn't have gone far” he thought to himself, he drove back through the path he came from. He fell upon a small gathering, packed his car and went through them, soon as he saw Nelly he thought it was a perfect situation he would pick her up  put her at the back of the car again her blood would stain the car making whoever investigated her death rule it an accident and he was just trying to rescue her. Quickly, he rushed to the house and set things in order hoping she doesn't make it to the hospital. In the midst of the gathering he wailed and screamed “that’s my wife that’s my wife pleases help me save her get her to my car” loud enough for the neighbours to hear. "Perfect alibi" he thought to himself.At the back of the car with no energy left, she opened her eyes looked into the eyes of one of the helpers and shook her head as if to say "no its not an accident" but words failed her, she was in so much pain. Then the neighbor    trying to understand her scanned through the car the light from the full moon shone bright and he saw the silver object protruding slightly from the under the front car seat. The car had started moving – he opened the door and jumped into the car before then screaming call 999 and this is not an accident. Inside the car he brought out the knife from under the seat waving it and shouting get him! pointing at Frederick. Men from the other side of the car pulled him out of the car before he could run away! 

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