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Full Moon and Apricots

By Scarecrow
December Week 2:
Full Moon and ApricotsThe full moon last weekend coincided with a lunar eclipse but that happened too late for this Scarecrow to be out taking photos!!
The week began with a couple of days of light drizzle that didn't amount to much rain in the gauge but did seem to settle the dust!
Day temperatures haven't gone much above 25C. It has been a rather pleasant week weather wise although not warm enough for ripening tomatoes or encouraging growth of the watermelon plants!
Propagation: Seeds:
Beans Climbing Purple King in the Old Chook Run garden
Radish Colorati Raphanus sativus (mixed colours) from The Italian Gardener
Beetroot Chioggia Beta vulgaris from Eden Seeds
These seeds were planted in a Wicking Box on the front verandah
Turmeric Curcuma domestica syn Curcuma longa rhizomes in a pot.
Potting on/up:
Sea Kale Crambe maritima
Planting out:
Full Moon and ApricotsMelons and cucumbers planted to grow on a homemade trellis.
Cucumber Suyo Long
Melon Early Hanover
Melon Tigger
Summer Savory
Sorrel Garden
in the Old Chook Run in-ground garden beds
Lettuce Goldrush
Leaf Amaranth
Beetroot Golden Detroit and Bulls Blood
Cabbage Tokyo Bekana
In the Greens Wicking Tank to replace bolting greens (see where here)
Lettuce Goldrush
Cabbage Tokyo Bekana
These were planted in a Wicking Box on the front verandah
Sweet Potato White
Full Moon and ApricotsThe White Sweet Potato is sprouting up again
so I have carefully removed and potted up
some of the 'slips' for planting elsewhere.
Full Moon and ApricotsBarnie the last Barnevelder
seems happy to be by herself.
I let her out to forage each day
and she is well behaved
especially with the Black Ninja on patrol...(ish)
Full Moon and ApricotsThe Tongues of Fire Dwarf Beans
are beginning to produce tiny beans
that color up as they get bigger!
Full Moon and ApricotsI have been harvesting Apricots this week
making yummy jam, drying some
and eating some (not too many at once though)

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