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Fruit Infused Booze

By Mollyfergurson @mprettystylish
Over a month ago, just before I departed for a trip to England my mom handed me 2 large jars filled with fruit and liquor. The instruction was to let these sit in my fridge for 'at least 3 weeks' before opening. One jar was filled with Vodka and whole strawberries, the other Rum and pineapple slices. My mom explained to me she had run across this recipie in a magazine and remembered that her grandmother used to make this when she was little.
So....6 weeks later, my boyfriend and I opened the jars for a little tasting. We mixed each one of the liquors with a splash of lime seltzer and poured over ice.
The result was......AMAZING!
Click here for simple instructions: Infuse Your Booze
Fruit Infused Booze

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