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From the Mat: I’m Grateful

By Heidi @missfinn

35e02ab0863b0e0d266d22a218b14289Today I felt the need to write a little post about how grateful I am to have my yoga practice and the teacher training in my life right now. It is an incredible gift! Yes, sometimes I am amazed with how much information my brain has to take in every Thursday, but by the time the next Thursday comes around I am ready for more!

For a while now I have had a day job that has been extremely difficult to fulfill with an open heart. I work in an environment that on the outside looks like heaven on earth, but the truth is that it is a microcosmos of negativity, micromanagement at its worst, and yes, that ugly word, bullying. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I haven’t ever written in detail about my day job before, but I felt compelled to share this with you now because having yoga and regular daily meditation in my life has kept me strong and given me the tools to manage my feelings with it all as I search for a new job. You might be wondering why I don’t just quit, and in the past I have quit much better jobs, yes.  The downside to the beautiful place where I live is that jobs are difficult to come by, so one doesn’t just quit, no matter how bad, at least, they don’t in my experience.  I’m not writing this because I feel like moaning about my life to you. I write because I simple must sing the praises of life with a daily yoga and meditation practice and how much it means to me. It has saved me from my life’s tough challenges. It is a blessing and I am grateful, grateful, grateful!

My wish is that these words may inspire someone else to take up yoga and change their life for the better.

love & light xo


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