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From The Loo

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

Do you remember as a young child going to the lavatory (bathroom) with your girlfriends?

Wasn’t it in Elementary School you had the buddy system and had to go with another friend?

Over the years, we kept the tradition up.


In high school, we had “meetings” in the ladies room before classes. We primped our hair; retouched our makeup; adjusted our bras and panties; and discussed our latest dates, conquests, and menstrual woes.

Believe it or not ladies, the boys were doing the same thing, although the substituted boners for menstrual woes. 


Then we graduated from high school and it continued through the college years, especially in the dorms!

When we entered the bar scene, it was like high school all over again! We discussed the same things and added a dash of sex and/or masturbation talk to it!

Times have never changed when it comes to Chat from the Ladies Room (Loo).


It’s time we continue the tradition……..

Dish out one of your sauciest girly chats from the loo.


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