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from Me to You

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx
from me to you from me to you from me to you from me to you from me to you from me to you from me to you from me to you I have to say I may have the cutest and most sincere father in the whole world! Atleast 3 times a day I get a email from him usually containing a link to some article or site that is showcasing the hottest new thing in the world of fashion. He got an app on his iPad solely so he can help make sure that the content that goes up on my blog is "relevant and current" (his words, not mine). In all honesty, my Daddy doesn't have the best taste in the world, which means sometimes it is a hit and sometimes it is a miss. He knows this, I know this, it is accepted- yet I am pleased to say that this time it was definitely a HIT! 
Jamie Beck and her fiancee were the first ones to coin what is now considered to be a "cinemagraph", which is a fusion of a still photo and a video. Think back to when you had a MySpace, do you remember those awful unicorns that sparkled and puppies that shook their tail? Yes, well those obnoxious images are commonly known as GIF's, which are the same as what Jamie Beck and her man have put into motion (no pun intented), yet with much more class and style. Obviously. Take a gander at their blog From Me to You and see all of their still photos as well as their much-talked about cinemagraphs!  from me to you

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