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By Rubytuesday
I ventured in to town todayTo meet my friend that I was in treatment withI haven't seen her since before Christmas So we were long overdue a catch upWe had a good chat over hot cups of tea and coffeeShe did comment that my arms look very skinnyIt's becoming increasingly difficult to hide the fact that I've lost weight My clothes hang differently And weight loss is always noticeable in my faceBut I am working on that And would like to gain 5-6 kilosJust so I don't look so pale and wanMy friend is doing greatShe is about 15 years older than meAnd has a family A careerAnd an active social life She really is a role model for meNot to mention the fact that she is very beautifulAnd effortlessly stylishWe were talking about the fact that it's now two years since we both left treatment We talked a lot about thatThe other patientsThe staff Imelda who ran the ED recovery programmeIt's nice to think backAlthough treatment was very toughI still have fond memories of the people and the place I met some of the most amazing people thereBut you know what?You don't have to go to treatment to meet amazing peopleYou can meet them at schoolAt college At workI think the difference with meeting people in treatment is that everyone talks so openly about their issuesNot like in real lifeWhere people always present the best version of themselves to the worldTreatment is great As you can really let your guard down You can drop the show Take off the mask And just be you And that is so refreshing and liberating But I guess real life doesn't work like that If we examined and spoke about every feeling we ever had We would never get anything done But I think it is important to have one or two people who you can really open up to And talk toAnd my friend from treatment is one of those people 
The older I get The fewer friends I seem to have To needGrowing up And in to my twenties I had so many friends But since moving hereFalling on and off the wagon And having an ED to contend with A lot of friends have come and gone over the years I'm lucky as I have two older sisters Who are like built in best friendsI did have a very good friend that I thought was good for meAbout six months ago she stopped ringing and texting I texted her Some times she replies Sometimes she doesn't I asked her why I hadn't heard from herShe said there was no reasonWhich is almost worse than having a reasonBut today she texted meShe had heard that I went for the job And wanted to know if I had got itI haven't texted her back yetAnd I don't know if I willBasically she dropped meBut still wants to know my business My mother says that if I want to be friends with this girlThen I have to accept her the way she is And I don't if I'm willing to do thatThey say you are the company you keepIf that's true I don't want to be like this girlI think people deserve to be treated better than that I deserve to be treated better than that Friends don't just drop people There is an effort required in a friendshipAnd either you are prepared to put that effort in Or your not Friendship is a two way thing Both parties should get something out of it I've come to a point in my life Where I believe life is too short to deal with people who may walk all over youI would much rather have three close and true friends Than one hundred acquaintances It's about quality Not quantity 
With this said I was wondering about you Do you have many true friends?What do you think makes a good friendship?If you were me, would you text this friend back?Answers on a postcard please....

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