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Friday Grab Bag

By Lil_white_whale @lil_white_whale
Friday Grab Bag - June 6 2014

Happy Friday! I attempted to make homemade falafels a few days ago, and everything went well until the frying stage, where they basically fell apart and disintegrated in the hot oil. It was such a failure that we ended up ordering out for dinner instead! Boo! I’m determined to try making another batch this weekend and getting something edible out of it this time around…Got any tips for me? This week I’m loving…

  • This head-turning pink tinted hair via Pinterest – oh how I wish I could pull off this look!
  • This minty tiger pillow from Alice Oehr
  • All the incredible inspiration I’m soaking up from the portfolio of Noémie Cédille, a Paris-based graphic designer
  • The start of my annual iced coffee addiction! Here’s how to make the best iced coffee according to the experts over at The Kitchn

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