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Free Icon Set: Blogger Obsessions

By Lil_white_whale @lil_white_whale
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Donuts | Cameras | Bright Lipstick | Spray Paint | Cactus | French Macarons | Flamingos | Flower Crowns | Pineapples

Hello hello! As you may have guessed, Baby Countdown 2K15 has been taking over all aspects of our life these past few weeks as we hit the final stretch. Not only does the apartment look like the Tasmanian Devil blew through it, but there’s a giant desk hanging out in the middle of our living room, waiting to be sold on Craigslist. Let’s just call it a statement piece, shall we?

We’ve been busy relaxing, making a dent in our restaurants-to-check-out list, and hanging out with friends as much as possible before we inevitably fall into a baby vortex, so blogging has sadly gone to the wayside. I’ve missed this space though and look forward to catching up on what you guys have been up to!

In the meantime, I couldn’t resist putting together a tongue-in-cheek set of icons of current blogger obsessions. It seems like I can’t pull up Instagram or Pinterest without at least few of these popping up in my feed at any given time. I myself just bought the cutest pineapple vase the other day, so resistance is futile, people!

Download the free icon set (PSD) here!

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