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Friday Five: The Spring Edition

By Sara Zwicker @SaraZwicker

Hey, hey–Happy Friday! I am sorry I missed you guys on Wednesday, work has been a little nuts since we got FDA approval for an expanded indication on the product I work on this week and it’s been super late nights of work and insane days in the office.  BUT….the good news is that Spring is almost officially here, even if we are getting snow today!  No, you read that right, SNOW…on the first day of Spring…oh New England, why are you so messed up??

I am choosing to ignore the white stuff right now and instead, I’m linking up with the DC Trifecta: Mar on the Run, You Signed Up for What, and Eat Pray Run DC for their Friday Five: Spring Edition to talk to you about what I love about the Spring!

So here are the 5 things I am looking forward to this Spring:

Consistently running outside

I’ll admit it, I didn’t run outside all Winter.  I ran one freezing cold race in December and broke up with Winter running.  I ran through the Polar Vortex last Winter because I had no choice while training for Boston, but this Winter, I chose to stay warm and cozy in the gym.  I don’t regret my decision but I do miss running outdoors and being able to consistently run outside is getting me super excited for Spring!

The Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

Nothing signals Spring to me more than watching the marathon, and this year will be even more special since I now knows what it feels like to have run it!  The race is run each year on Patriots Day and that is a state holiday in MA so everyone has the day off. I love the excitement of watching the race and being so incredibly inspired that it fuels my passion for running even more than what it already is.  It’s just a really magical day.


There is nothing more fragrant or gorgeous that a bouquet of Peonies, they are my absolutely favorite flower and the only ones you will ever catch me buying.   They have a short season that starts in the early/mid Spring and ends in June.  I stalk the local Whole Foods near work and as soon as they have them, I buy a bunch for my office at work so I can smell them throughout the day.  They just make me really happy!


Playing at the park 

Pretty much every night as soon as the weather gets nice I pick Ashton up from daycare and we hit up one of the many parks in our area.  I absolutely love spending time with him outdoors, running around and laughing.  We have been cooped up inside for so many months and we are both waiting for the snow to clear so we can get outside and play!


Decorating our house

Remember in my 2015 goals I said I wanted to redesign/decorate our house this year?  Well, after hours and hours of researching and talking to designers, we found the designer we want to work with and we have an all day appointment scheduled at the end of April to start the process. She is going to spend the entire day going through each room in our house, helping to pick paint colors and design every space in the house.  I am SO looking forward to getting the inside of our house redesigned! We have been living it in almost 2 years (Whoa..where does the time go??) and we still have one empty living room on our main floor! We need to paint every room, remodel our master bathroom, and gets lots of furniture and furnishings and redesign the kitchen.  I cannot wait to get started on this and Spring always feels like the time to start fresh and get things done, so that is what we are doing!!

So there you have it folks, the 5 things I am looking forward to this Spring.  I hope you have a great weekend!


Question of the day

What do you love about Spring?  What are you looking forward to?

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