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Friday Favorites In My World

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Favorite realization:

I’m not perfect, but I am doing the best that I can, so I don’ t have to beat myself up.

Favorite email I got this week (from reader Dawn. These messages make me want to keep blogging):


Favorite screen that starts today:

Friday Favorites In My World

Favorite book right now:

Friday Favorites In My World

Favorite upcoming challenge: 100 mile bike ride tomorrow (have I told you lately how much I love being on my bike? Well, not for 100 miles because that makes my crotch hurt, but just in general).


Favorite getaway (going here Sunday):

Friday Favorites In My World

Favorite combo (especially on the bike, but good any time):


Favorite girls’ night this week (Saw this with Emma and her friends last night. Was not allowed to sit with them. Theater was so crowded I had to sit in handicap seat. I have never experienced 100 teenage girls sobbing in a theater before):

Friday Favorites In My World

Favorite mess in my house (this is the “dump” room ((not because we take dumps in here)). Used to be a playroom for Emma and now is where everything is thrown that no one knows what to do with. Please tell me you have a room in your house that looks like this):


Favorite disgusting snack (that I always bring to Vegas for late night munchies and put on Ritz crackers):


Favorite bizarre thing I saw in Cosmo magazine this week while at the hair salon (I dare you to go to the web site, I haven’t yet. I think this was in a Q&A with a doctor or something):


That’s all I got.


Give me one of your interesting favorites from the week. C’mon, you know you have one.

Favorite book right now?

Last movie you saw?

Favorite late night gross snack?


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