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By Rubytuesday
Because I was in Dublin on Wednesday I had horse riding today insteadI got up early To walk the dogs and sort their food out so Mam could just give it to them at lunch timeThen I headed in to town to meet FintanHe picked me up in town at about 10 30amAnd we headed out to KeashThe last couple of weeks I noticed that Fintan buys a bar of chocolate on the way outAnd he eats two squares before riding And two squares after riding So today I had a bar of chocolate for himTo thank him for driving We chatted on the way out And arrived in Keash in plenty of time for our riding lessonWe donned our hats and boots I was on Star as usual And Fintan was on LeroyA beautiful elegant horse Today For a change Myself and Star were in front And Star took to it lovely We also did a lot of cantering today Which was amazing I did three canters today And it is such a buzz!I love it! And it feels great to be making progress We finished our lesson And made a cup of teaI was chatting to the two girls who were in after me And they couldn't believe I was only riding a couple of months That was lovely to hear And it's true I've come a long way in a short time 
Last week When I told Fintan about my blog He asked me to send him the link I was hesitant to As it is so personal And I wasn't sure if I wanted to share it with someone who is in my real lifeFor some reasonI would prefer strangers to read my blogRather than people I know Because I can't worry or disappoint strangers I would be worried that someone I know would be shocked or scared reading my blogI write my blog as if no one was going to read it Because if I thought about the amount of people reading my blog I would never post a word So I texted Fintan to let him know that I was a bit wary of sending him the linkThen today he apologised for asking for the linkHe said he would never read anything without asking me first I was really grateful for his understanding And I really do believe that he will respect my wishes and not read my blog However I did show him the little piece that Healthline wrote about my blogHe was delighted for me 
Tomorrow I have another lesson in the morning Which I am really looking forward to Something I have noticed recently Is that when I don't eat I feel very strange So really these days I need to make myself eat something Whether I  hungry or not Because I feel faint and not with it when I don't eat Note to self: Remember to eat!!
That's all for today folksSee you on the next post...

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