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Friday 11 March

By Rubytuesday
Yesterday was a very busy dayI saw Mary in the morning Went to a lunch time meetingAnd in the evening My mother and I went to a free dance class that was on in the local theatreI was wrecked tired yesterday But I really wanted to go to the dancing As its something that I really enjoyThere were two dance classes on back to back First was SalsaAnd then there was Ceili dancing Which is traditional Irish dancingThe class started at  8pmWe arrived on time Filled in a formAnd took a seat in the roomThere was salsa music playing And there was quite a few people thereJust then The teacher came over to speak to us She spoke in Irish I can speak a little Irish But my Mum is fluent The teacher explained that they were speaking Irish as it was Irish speaking weekSo the class was to be in Irish!
More and more people filed inI'd say there was about 30 of us And soon the class began The teacher was greatShe explained things wellAnd had a lovely way about herFirstWe did a wArm up Which was great funThen on to the dancing properWe learned  the basic steps Then in partners One leading One following We practised our best Salsa We changed partners every few minutes So we got to dance with a lot of different people I really enjoyed itAnd my Mum was laughing her head offSo I think it's fair to say that she enjoyed it tooIn no time at allThe class was over The teacher left on the music so we could continue to practise She was going around the room dancing with different people Then she came to me'You're a natural' she said'So light on your feet'I told her that I used to dance a lotI asked her if she was a school teacherAs I got that vibe off herBut she told me that she was a pharmacist I thought about how I had been a pharmacist of a kind in another lifeI thought it was just a bit ironic She asked me what I doI told her that I was starting work in May And that I also write'Are you a journalist?'she asked I said I wasn't And explained that I blog and such She asked what I write about I was kind of caught on the hopAnd before I knew itI was telling her that I am recovering from an eating disorderAnd my blog was about the journey to recovery I'm still not entirely sure why I decided to share that information I kind of felt like I said too muchGiven that it was supposed to be an evening of funBut I tend not to hide my conditionsAnd I think it's good to be open about things Especially mental health issuesShe seemed really interested in thisAnd asked me for my blog addressWhich I gave herWill she read it or not?I don't know But she was really kind That's why I thought she was a teacherBecause she was gentlePatient And made everyone feel really comfortable 
The Salsa finished upAnd it was Ceili timeTo say it was organised chaos is probably accurateThere were so many of usAnd the Ceili is a fast dance So there was much laughing and joking And it was all great funHalf way through It was getting late So my mom and I decided to call it a nightI hope they will do more classesAs we thoroughly enjoyed itIt was great to get out for an evening And meet new people Not sit catatonic in front of the TV all nightOf course you know they I love dancing I also found out that there is Zumba on every Tuesday nightSo I might just venture out to that tooMum preferred the Irish dancingBut I definitely preferred the SalsaIf given another chance at life I would never have given up dancing when I didI don't believe in having regrets But dancing is something that I am  sorry I didn't pursue
We arrived home about 10 30pmThese days that is a late night for meI'm usually in my pajamas by 7pmI was starting to ruminate about what I told the teacher And the verbal diarrhoea that seems to pour out of me at random timesI guess I talk and write about my eating disorder so much That I forget to maybe hold back a little in some situationsBut the teacher last night gave me a positive response And seemed genuinely interested in my blogBut it does beg the questionAnd I am throwing the floor over to you
Do you speak openly about your eating disorder or mental illness?If not why not?If yes, why yes?What sort of a response do you get when you talk about it?Have you ever had a negative reaction in response?Inquiring minds want to know....

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