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French Intervention in Mali: Reading It from an African Perspective

Posted on the 17 January 2013 by Therisingcontinent @Ambrosenz
French military airplanes

French military airplanes

For days Mali is experiencing a French military intervention to officially stop northern Islamists’ progress towards the capital – Bamako. When the last time I wrote about French interference in African affairs it was about Libya and Ivory Coast. With these two countries, such involvement was clearly not justifiable for a range of reasons. There were a lot of false allegations to support their implication. With the Malian case it took some days to picture out what were the underlying motives of the positioning of France in this new

Divided and occupied Mali before French intervention

Divided and occupied Mali before French intervention

African venture. The help in understanding the story came from enlightened Africans who like myself don’t trust Western media when it comes to the coverage of news about the continent. The analysis of the French intervention in Mali I reproduce here is from Patrick Mbeko, author of “Canada in the wars in Central Africa.” The original note appeared in French on his facebook pages

The few journalists and analysts of international issues that I encountered in France are totally convinced that their country France has been at the forefront of the war in Libya (many Africans, especially living in France, think critically so as well). This is not entirely wrong, but not entirely true either. Some clarification is necessary. Here I am trying to read the various analyzes of the intervention of France in Mali. Gold, uranium, oil, etc. This is partly true but not completely true, as was in the case of Libya. The underlying causes of the crisis lie elsewhere. As I did highlight this elsewhere, we are experiencing the African version of the Great Middle East.

The architects of what we see in this part of the black continent are Americans. It is the Yankees who co-ordinated the war in Libya using French and English as sub-contractors in the same way they are doing today in Syria. Haven’t I pointed out that Barack Obama was an arduous student of the great strategist Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzeziński, the same one that promotes proxy wars?

It is Barack Obama who asked Sarkozy to shot on Gaddafi’s troops. It was two Pentagon officials who coordinated all NATO operations. All French officers were under U.S. command. In short, it is AFRICOM which co-ordinated everything for the bombing and destruction of Libya. The Libya chaos has opened the Pandora’s Box in the region. There was a coup in Mali. The gentleman at the base of this one is by chance an officer trained by the Americans. Everything makes to believe that he was himself manipulated by the Americans. Meanwhile, the bearded Ansardine took the opportunity to advance their cards requiring autonomy for part of the Malian territory.

Reaction of General Carter Ham, top commander of the U.S. military forces in Africa (Africom): “The situation in northern Mali can only be resolved through diplomacy or political means … Washington tries to understand the role of Mujao (Mouvement pour l’unicité et le jihad en Afrique de l’Ouest), the MNLA (independentist Tuareg rebels) and Ansar Dine … “. What? Have I read correctly? Yes. In addition, during her visit to Algiers, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, did not seem to favour a military option in northern Mali as sought by France. OK. While the Yankees questioned the role of bearded Anasardine, Tomboctou was reduced to dust and Qatar active supplying weapons to the bearded, and according some sources, the special forces of this small emirate having become the executing arm of U.S. policy are in the process of forming the same bearded operatives.

And what are African heads of states doing?

They are comfortably sleeping. Poor Africa! France has decided to act against the advance of the Islamists towards Bamako. Why? Some talk about the mineral wealth embedded in the Malian north. All that time, the Frenchies, as they are called in America, didn’t they see that those fanatics of Allah were going to reign in that corner of the world? Yes, this explanation is partly true but you have to push much further your analysis without loosing the American big intentions in that region.

Indeed, Mali is a key element in the “US Cooperation against terrorism Trans-Sahara.” The Yankees sent a military contingent of a thousand Special Forces in North-West Africa, “Operation Flintlock” to train the armed forces of Mali, Algeria, Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Morocco and Nigeria and now Libya.

Americans are very active in that region. U.S. drones flye over the Malian sky without detecting Ansardine terrorists, AQMI and its cousins ​​in Syria are having fun that nobody seems to detect them. Especially not the Yankees night vision goggles.

In this context, the intervention of France can have several motives, including the preservation not only of its own interests but also its regional interests which otherwise could easily fall under stronger US influence. Why the French got only worried now? Don’t they support Al-Qaeda in Syria on behalf of those same Americans? One certain thing friends: Gaddafi is dead, long live AFRICOM. Africa is now served. Tears of [African] blood to come. Lord preserve thy children; Obama is very determined.

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