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France and NATO Intervene in the Libyan Crisis

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

France aircraft

The situation in North Africa has escalated quite considerably today as French aircraft bombed Libyan military vehicles. The French, wanting to assert their authority in a region where their influence has always been considerable, are now showing their muscle to the Gaddafi regime. Looking at the astrology, you can see the French influence on the current intervention.

First to set the scene a quick glance at the French Natal chart. There are two standout features. As befits a chart which was formed on the back of a bloody revolution, we see a fixed t-square with aggressive Mars at the point conjunct the Midheaven symbolising the bloody execution of the previous monarchical heads of state. Square this Mars is a Pluto/Uranus opposition which represents change by revolution. The other feature is a Saturn opposite Jupiter/Neptune. Here is a clamp on belief hence the secular French society. The national motto is France is Liberté, égalité, fraternité embodied in this opposition. Liberté or freedom shown by Jupiter, égalité or equality is an ideal or dream shown by Neptune in balanced and fair Libra and fraternité or brotherhood shown by Saturn in the third house of siblings (brothers and sisters).


France’s chart is definitely on edge right now with transiting Uranus conjunct the French natal Sun, and transiting Venus which often symbolises diplomacy is activating France’s natal Mars, Uranus Pluto t-square. This diplomatic action has a hard edge. Transiting Mars is opposite her natal Mercury so confirming the aggressive rhetoric coming out of Paris. By Solar Arc, the two aspects which are exact right now are SA Venus trine Mercury in the 8th house and SA Jupiter trine Venus. Not surprising then with France so on alert, NATO leaders and world diplomats met in the French capital. So why are the French so interested in Libya and the awful situation there?

Well, Libya’s natal Pluto sits at 21 Leo, exactly the same degree as France’s Uranus linking into the French t-square. Not only French investment on Libya will be a motivating factor but  French I think the French fear the loss of a part of the world where they have had so much influence for a long time, remember they have interests in Morocco and Algeria as well as Tunisia which is in a transitional position. President Sarkozy will not want to see his sphere of influence lessened. That Libyan Pluto sits in the French 7th house of foreign affairs, as such France will feel that this crisis affects their sphere of influence. French military action (Mars) supporting the rebels (Uranus) will cause a major change (Pluto) in the history of Libya, and the same t-square which toppled the French monarchy will now see the toppling of the Libyan dictator.

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