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Four T-Shirts in Poe Taste

By Fibers @fibers

Edgar Allen Poe isn’t just great for a poem or two, his name is ripe for puns. We may have had a little too much with with Poe, but I’ll let you decide. Are these Poe puns over the line? Or hilariously awesome?

The Rainpoe Connection T-Shirt – Inspiration strikes in the funniest ways sometimes. I was putting the finishing touches on this Edgar Allen Poe illustration and decided to play with the colors. Pretty soon I had discovered the Rainpoe Connection.

rainbow, Edgar ALlen Poe, colorful, t-shirt, funny

Just A Poe Boy T-Shirt – If you love literature and Queen, this shirt is for you.

Queen, Poe, Edgar Allen Poe, Funny

Poely Drawn Boy T-Shirt – The next big indie band to come out of Manchester. Get it? It’s somewhat of a jump from Badly Drawn Boy to Poely Drawn Boy, with a scribble drawing of Edgar Allen Poe, but it made us chuckle, so why not?

badly drawn boy, poe, edgar allen poe, funny

Cool Story, Poe T-Shirt – Drawn from the popular internet retort, “Cool Story, Bro,” which we covered in a previous blog post. This silly take on that trend says, “I’m hip on the internet lingo, and I dig a good American romantic era poem every now and again.”

Cool Story, Funny, INternet meme, Edgar Allen Poe

What other Poe puns can you come up with?

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