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Four Steps To Simplify Your Move

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

When you’re preparing to relocate, you’ve got a great deal of work ahead of you; from finalizing and preparing your new residence for your arrival, to packing up and shipping off your belongings, you likely have an ever-growing to-do list. And when you’re still trying to juggle a nine-to-five, family and social responsibilities, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. While it may be easy to buckle under pressure or skirt your relocation duties until absolutely necessary, if you make a schedule and go about your move strategically, you will be better off in the end.

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Having an effective moving plan will save you time, spare you undue stress and even save you money in the long run. Long before you break out the cardboard boxes and packing tape, take an afternoon and really plan for what’s to come. It’s never too early to begin assessing your relocation needs.

Determine your budget: Relocating is expensive, and you will need to determine how much you can spend on packing materials, moving vehicles, labor and postal shipping. Understanding how much you can spend and comparing prices for full-service movers, moving vans and storage facilities can help you organize the best and most fiscally responsible move for your family. Keeping a budget and planning for any unexpected costs will help you prepare for the worst while allowing you to move forward with the relocation.

Determine if you can manage a DIY move or if you will need full-service assistance: The biggest question that looms over people is whether or not to hire professionals or opt instead to handle their relocation entirely on their own. While it is ultimately up to the individual, there are a few things you may want to consider. Distance should be considered when weighing whether or not to work with professionals; moving companies know the ins and outs of relocation services and can help families and businesses move greater distances with ease. Also, be sure to consider the time frame in which you have to move and whether or not you have reliable friends and family to help facilitate the relocation.

Make weekly goals: Another way to avoid procrastination and a last-minute rush to the final departure is to set weekly tasks to complete. When you plan out your move in advance, you can space out tasks based on priority and difficulty. For example, a calendar can help you strategize; early on in the relocation process, set a weekly goal of packing items you do not need currently, such as decorative items and keepsakes. Packing strategically will make the relocation easier overall.

Don’t overlook the details: Finally, keep an eye on the details – it’s easy to forget to send out change-of-address cards or cancellation notices to utility providers, but such tasks are absolutely crucial to having a smooth-running relocation.

If you create a moving checklist of some sort, you can save yourself a last-minute headache by getting moving tasks out of the way in an efficient, timely and lower-pressure manner.

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Kitty knows the pressures and stresses that come with moving, having helped families do it for years as a consultant and assistant. She also knows that, with the right help and the right strategies, some of that tension can be eased and the process can go smoothly. She hopes others will learn from her tips and get the assistance they require.

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Four Steps To Simplify Your Move
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Four Steps To Simplify Your Move
Four Steps To Simplify Your Move
Four Steps To Simplify Your Move
Four Steps To Simplify Your Move
Four Steps To Simplify Your Move

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