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Forever Young

By Carrie Berschman @CarrieBerschman
Forever Young
Today's post is all about youth! While I personally do not have mature skin...yet, it is never too early to take care of your skin. In the last year or so, I really have flipped a switch and now make it a point,  every day, to take good care of my skin. Look for an updated skincare routine coming soon. [I have pictures on my Instagram too!] I completely banished tanning beds from my life and wear sunscreen daily. I also religiously wash, treat, and moisturize my skin morning and night. This truly is essential when seeking "great skin". {No, I don't think my skin is perfect- it's not!}
BUT...before I get too carried away, this post is about the makeup side of things. I am bringing you 10 tips, tricks, and ideas to consider while doing your makeup, that will help your skin appear more youthful and awake. Again, this isn't just for mature skinned gals; these tips are also great for those of us who haven't gotten enough sleep or want a fresh makeup look. Be sure to click on the links for a better idea of product examples! :)
Note: We are starting from the skin up!
1. Proper hydration is essential! Using a good moisturizer daily and nightly [regardless of skin type)] is probably one of the most important factors in a skincare regime. Makeup doesn't like dry, flaky skin. Makeup on dry skin easily settles into fine lines and wrinkles. As we age, our skin looses its volume. Being properly hydrated (includes drinking water) will help keep your skin plumped up. When your skin is fully hydrated and moisturized, makeup will smoothly glide over your skin and adhere the way it should. 
Try these: Clinique, Aveeno, Olay
2. Think liquid & lightweightConcealers for the under eye should be more liquid-y rather than creamy. Creams (thicker consistencies) tend to settle into fine lines and can instantly age us. Another great way to avoid this from happening is to use an under eye primer, just like we prime eyelids and our face. This helps prep for concealer. [Definitely not necessary for daily wear. Think night time events!]
Try these: MAC, Neutrogena, NARS
3. Yellow and pink undertones. Depending on your skin tone, yellow and pink tinted under eye brighteners and highlighters camouflage dark circles and help brighten up your over all look. Brightened under eyes and tops of cheekbones help us create the illusion of youthfulness. 
Try this: MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose or Light Boost
4. Use a sponge to blend out foundation. Using a damp sponge, like the Beauty Blender, gives your skin an airbrushed finish. The bouncing motions help press the foundation into the skin while adding moisture. Overall your skin will appear more radiant, giving you that 'glow-from-within' appearance we all want. 
5. Skip tinted setting powder. I recommend using a translucent powder to set your foundation. Find a powder that is made for setting, rather than using a powder foundation. Applying another foundation can create that 'cake face' we all hate and more than likely, the product will travel into fine lines throughout the day. The more products you apply, the older your skin will look. 
Try these: ELF, Make Up For Ever, NYX
6. Cream blushesCream blushes are a fun way to add that youthful flush back to your skin. The great thing about cream blushes is that they have great staying power and also withstand heat and humidity much better than powder blush. While they may seem scary at first, once you know how to apply them, you might be impressed. I have found that using two fingers to dab the product onto the apples of the cheeks works best. You can then go back and blend it out with a kabuki brush. 
Try these: Maybelline, Loreal, Make Up For Ever
7. Curl your lashes. For the longest time, I thought eye lash curlers were gimmicky. But now I understand what they are intended to do: give your lashes some body & open up your eyes. This again will help you appear more youthful. 
8. Omit black liner.Using a brown eyeliner- especially in the day time- is a great way to look younger. Brown appears softer on the eyes; even if it's a brown black! The older you get, the more harsh black can look. Don't care for brown? Try a soft charcoal!
Try these: Urban Decay, Revlon
9. Don't shy away from shimmer. If you are over 40, I am sure you have heard to lay off the shimmery eye shadows. But when done correctly, shimmer finish shadows can actually appear very youthful. *Apply it to the CENTER of your lid only.* This will add a glowing pop and will negate that dry, chalky look on the lid. 
10. Lipliner 101If you are a lip liner gal, do your best to either match the lip liner to your lipstick OR use a nude, pink shade that is similar to your natural lip color. We all know how bad 1990's mauve/brown liner looks these days. Don't be that girl! ;)
I hope that you have found these tips and tricks helpful. The whole idea of appearing younger revolves around looking {awake, brightened, and glowing.} Everything in moderation! Try some of these tricks out-- you might be surprised!

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