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For Those Who Dream!

By Misslara16 @misslara

For Those Who Dream!
Its a new year again, and to me that means a new slate, a new life, all things are new and you have the opportunity to rewrite your story, turn over a new leaf and live a new life all together. a time to tell the past lessons learnt, forgetting past mistakes and focusing on the future, what it holds, the accomplishments yet to come, new hopes and dreams.
In as much as we hope and dream, dreaming strategically is important so that our dreams don't just remain dreams but they become our realities. There are reasons why your dreams can remain dreams, and never see the light of day, like the maxim which states if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
I dare say that those who do not have dreams are better off than those who have dreams and fail to birth them into reality. Its not enough to have dreams, set goals and have aspirations, It's expedient to give whatever it takes to make sure that that dream comes through. Once you dare to dream, you are saddled with the responsibility of seeing it through, you cannot afford to fail.
In this new year STRUCTURE is the word. you have to build a structure for your set goals and aspirations. I recommend that as you dream and set goals structure them, prioritize and be determined to achieve set goals.
I recommend that you compartmentalize your goals, divide them into smaller sizes say spread over every quarter of the year and at the end of each quarter you evaluate and see what you have accomplished. This way you achieve more.
Example. if you plan to go back to school in the new year, this could be a useful system
  •  Schools start a new session in September at least generally
  •  First quarter of the year i.e January -  March be sure which school you want to go, and get your transcripts, letters of recommendation and references ready. mentally build yourself up for the school year, financially prepare towards it.
  • Next quarter, start the application process, its not bad if you are ahead of others  you are the only one in your life aren't you? Financial arrangements too should continue during this time, mental preparation etc
  • by the time its September/beginning of the school year, you are ready and the stress will be minimal...
This may sound cute to you, buy simplifying things by planning and giving it a structure works, it makes a huge deal look surmountable and gives you the motivation you need... so in the new year structure is the word. Go make that dream come through! 
Blessings Misslara.
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