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For Republican Fear and's Halloween Everyday of the Year!

Posted on the 31 October 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
RF Schatten
Happy Halloween to the 'White Elephants' of the Republican Party! It's the Grand Old Party's #1 see, "Halloween" is a natural state of life every day of the year, for the Batshit insane! So, Light up your official Donald Trump Jack-O'-Lanterns! put on your Blood Sucking Vampire Suits! and continue scaring the shit out of an ill advised, dumb & ignorant electorate, while sucking dry the life of the American Public!
For Republican Fear and's Halloween everyday of the year!
Nothing is as scary as this cast of Clowns trying to make their presence on the Day of the Dead!
There's nothing creepier than portraying evil ghoulish characters without even really needing to put on a costume!  They 'are' evil in so many ways...and how the folklore and myths of Halloween coincides with the reality of its true real life counterparts! You got an overcrowded Clown Car, and everyone one of these Dumbos portrays his or her perfect Hallowing Nightmare!
Some are no-brainers, led by the Republicans' Great Pumpkin...Le Grande Orange himself, The Donald!
Ted Cruz loves to suck your mind and soul everyday of the year...evil? Ted Cruz looks more an evil Vampire without make-up, than Bela Lugosi and every Dracula with make-up!
And naturally what's Halloween without a Witch?!?! Well, the GOP is covered, thank you!...Carly Fiorina already holds the coveted title of Witch! Just ask Hewlett Packard employees throughout the world, when the internal email memo on her firing read; "The Witch Is Dead"!! Trick or Treat? 
As the dark and dreary night passes, one can only wonder whom this cast plans to knock on while Trick or Treating? Looking for their Treats from the Brothers Koch? After their remarks on the State of the GOP...acknowledging there is no sense of Civility, Substance, or Issues driving the Republican Candidates or the GOP’s Primary Process...don't expect too many goodies in your plastic Walmart bag, and don't expect too many goodies with any of your other benefactors till sanity returns! Big money is pulling out of several races, and it's just the beginning. Trick or Treat? No $$$ in the Bag of Goodies this year?...hey! maybe you'll luck out and get some cheap Jolly Ranchers and a Milky Way!
Halloween is for have fun, get a little frightened together with friends, and eat enough candy to rot half of your mouth...but the nightmarish undertones typifies the more serious evil that's presented in today's society. The Republican Party's obsession with control of the masses, and their paranoia that in Halloween everyone wants to hurt kids by giving them drug laced candy, razor blades stuck inside the candy, drugs in the form of candy, and on and on...yes, there are crazies trying to hurt people, that's never changed...but we've all lived with it and moved on! Finding norms in society to hate and fear! They're also "Anti-Christmas" It's just the sick mind of batshit insanity.
In a serious tone: Something is totally sick...both, morally and hypocritically...when you have a rally for "Liberty" yet you preach oppressing someone else's liberty's! Whether they're Women, Gays, Latinos, or Blacks!...where's their "Liberty"? Killing Gays? How Christian of them! The Sociophobia of Republicans...Liberty and Justice for All? Not!
The Nightmare of Halloween is the nightmare we're all living with since the taste of Bad Tea became fashionable, the nightmare that the Gays, Latinos, Blacks, and Women live with every day of their lives and putting up with because we consider ourselves "Civilized". All this Batshit Insanity exist because we allow it to happen! Politicususa's Hrafnkell Haraldsson couldn't have said better! "The GOP is Our Self-Made Punishment for Tolerating the Intolerable"
Tolerating the Intolerable? Beware of these Political Ghouls when they come knocking on your chamber door. Trick or Treat?
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