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For God’s Sake, Whatever You Do, Don’t Rape Her!

Posted on the 27 January 2016 by Calvinthedog

At times women do require a bit arguing and debate about whether we should fuck or not or whether she should go home with me or not. But when it’s like that, you simply bark orders at them: “Get over on that bed right now!” She meekly scampers over to the bed like a frightened mouse, but you know she wants to be doing just this. Then she’s lying on the bed.

If she keeps on holding out, I recommend th PUA guys’ freeze-out. I do not know how they do it, but I usually just give up and say, “Fine, you don’t want to fuck, no problem. I’ll just go to sleep on the couch and you sleep in my bed. See you in the morning.”

Then turn away from her or go into another room to sleep. If you turn away, soon she will be cooing, “Come over to the bed,” in plaintive little girl cries. Or if you go into another room, then she will get up, come to your room and drag you back into the bed. If you’re at the bar and she all of a sudden decides that she doesn’t want to go home with you, you just laugh and point at her and say, “Hell no! You’re going home with me!” And smile when you say it.

Just give her some orders. Most women actually enjoy being ordered around in sexual situations, believe it or not. Then she might say, “Ok let’s arm-wrestle to see if I go home with you. You win, I go with you. I win, I go with my friends.” And then of course you destroy her like you always do when you arm wrestle a woman.

Have you ever noticed that when you get with a new woman, and it is getting down to where you are going to have sex with the first time, the woman or girl says, “Hey, let’s arm wrestle.” Then you just destroy her, and it seems like she actually likes getting totally destroyed for some reason. It’s almost sexual. Hell, maybe it is sexual. Oh heck, it is sexual, of course it is. You beat her at arm wrestling and she caves in, becomes submissive and let’s you take her, just like in caveman days. Most of us don’t carry clubs anymore, but we haven’t changed as much as you think.

And while we were having sex sometimes, I did some things in the sex act that they were not too happy about. To put it mildly. One woman was cursing at me nonstop in Spanish and English mixed, “Cabron! Cabron!” She looked like she was going to hit me or beat me up.

If you ever do a something in sex she doesn’t like, well, just apologize and say you won’t do it again. And you probably need to keep to that promise. When I have sex, I always tell women, “If I ever say or do anything you don’t want, just tell me, and I will stop.” And they never say stop of course. This is a very good course of action.

It’s not just that sex must be consensual, but that consensual sex is the only fun sex. Nonconsenual sex is no fun, or at least it seems like it is, judging by how women reacted when I did things they did not like in bed. If she’s not going along with it passionately, what fun is that? When everything is enthusiastic and consensual, the woman is telling you that she really, really wants to be with you. Isn’t that a great feeling?

If you have to rape a woman to get laid, what in God’s name does that say about you? Let’s see now, you basically can’t get laid by any woman unless you force her. What an insult! An insult to you! You are the ultimate pathetic loser. If you have to force women to have sex with you, that is utterly pathetic. The statement is really that no woman will have sex with you unless you coerce her…because…why? Because you are so undesirable! Because you are below Beta to the lowest of the low Omega scourges. It says you can barely get laid with God’s help. It says the entire female half of the world is rejecting you and laughing at you. That’s why you must rape. Because you are a worm.

If a woman doesn’t want to have sex, hey, I ain’t going to force her. Why? That doesn’t even sound fun. That sounds weird and psycho. You want to meet a lot of guys who like to do that? Go to a prison or a jail. Those guys like to do that sort of thing. If you coerce sex from a woman, you are as low as those dirtbags behind bars and maybe even worse because they are locked away from all the women for a while whilst you are still running about loose menacing half the world.

Anyway, no need to rape a woman!

Bottom line is if you’re not getting laid, you’re not getting laid. It’s the fate of most men on most nights, I assume. So what? Go home and be alone. If you need to get your nut, just jerk off. There is so much more pleasure and dignity in jerking off than there is in coercing sex with women.

One more thing about the freeze-out. When she says she doesn’t want to have sex with you when you have gotten all the way up to the lead-up to the bed, it’s pretty unfair, but for God’s sake, you can’t rape her! All’s fair in love and war, and sadly she has a right to change her mind between when you are fooling around on the couch and the move to the bed.

By shrugging your shoulders and saying, “Oh well, you don’t want to do it, fine. See you in the morning,” while you shake your head and snort mockingly at her, you show tremendous strength. You are Alpha with a capital A. Because an Alpha doesn’t care whether he gets laid with you or not, ladies! Why? Because he’s the Man with the Golden Sperm! He’s not desperate! You don’t want to do it, fine, no problem, he will probably just go call up some other woman and send you home.

Women are intrigued when an attractive man laughs at them and says he doesn’t care if you want to have sex with him or not! What’s wrong with him? Almost all men are desperate for sex, often nearly or utterly pathetically so. I think women are secretly contemptuous of men who are pathetically desperate for sex. It is such a sign of weakness! Why don’t you just crawl to her on your knees and beg her? And cry while you do it? And call, “Mommy! Mommy! She won’t have sex with me! Make her Mommy!” That’s what desperate men must look like to women.

The man who could care less about bedding you because because presumably he has so many other options is very intriguing, and this truly is the height of Alphaness, not pathetic desperate pussy-beggars who sniff at women’s feet and whimper like poodles.

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