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>Football Recruits Rob UGA Locker Room

By Mixtapekid45
Deion Bonner Theft

Well this is an interesting story to say the least. Usually when you have an open house of any kind the last thing you expect is a robbery but, that’s what happened to the University of Georgia on April 7.

They had the football complex open to the public that day, and Deion Bonner, Marquise Hawkins and an unidentified juvenile from Columbus were arrested by UGA police and charged with theft having stolen items worth close to $1,970.

What doesn’t really make sense to me is Deion Bonner. Who is a 5ft 11 180 pound prospect defensive back from Carver-Columbus. He is considered one of the top prospects in the state for the Class of 2012.

Why would you rob a locker room of your possible future teammates i mean. I wonder what he was really thinking here. One thing is if he had a potential scholarship or was going to get one that is out of the question now.

What makes me crack up more when asked how the police caught the three suspects they responded by saying  “good investigation, people’s involvement and Facebook is always a big help.”

Facebook our best and worst enemy at the same time. You can talk with anyone anywhere basically any time. But, it seems these suspects did not use Facebook the right way and got burned.

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Football Recruits Rob UGA Locker Room" />

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