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Food Blogging: Expert Tips to Start Right and Get Noticed - My Interview with

By Maneesh Srivastva @urbanescapades

Excerpts from my recent interview with Read the full story here.
What is the scope of food blogging?It is amazing to see the ever expanding world of food blogging. Food industry in india is more than 40K CR in india and it's increasing every year. Every day a new food lover launches a blog and joins the growing throng of passionate and dedicated food enthusiasts. Food Blogging has become a phenomenon across the globe and the response is overwhelming. 
What are the pros and cons?
Food Blogging: Expert tips to start right and get noticed - My interview with Siksha.comPros – It is a glamorous world with loads of good food, the delectable world of new and unique dish. You get to taste everything. If you are passionate about food and have a gluttonous palette, you are surely going to love it. Another interesting journey is meeting chefs and understanding their thought processCons – This is time consuming and needs efforts. You also need to know more about each cuisine before you understand the taste. 
How to get started? How do you manage or what are the ways to get more followers and gain popularity?In the online space, there is space for every passionate blogger. One can start with penning their thoughts around their recipes, other’s recipes, food that they ate. It can start with anything. It is more like storytelling. Be honest, be versatile, be regular – Followers and popularity comes along 
What are the trends in food blogging in India?
This is ever evolving. If it is about videos, - your presentation, perfect lights and uploading it is YouTube and your blog is fast gaining popularity. Props and background for food photography is the latest trend. Unless your presentation is unique, the story that you share will not blend well.·   Can you earn? How much?
My food blogging is my passion and haven’t yet turned it into money making. Yet there are food bloggers who have turned their food blog into career. A good food blog initially generates passive income. Through advertising, you tube, food photography – All these can generate good income, provided one is able to attract followers and create traffic into the blog·     What is the success mantra here? And how to be different from others?
There is room and space for everyone . Each of us have a unique style. Bring that style into writing, makes one different from others. This includes working hard and keeping content of your blog very engaging, personal, free  flowing and of course something that everyone can relate to as well as comprehend well.
 Any adviceDo not start a food blog for money, do it because you genuinely love it. Creating an income from a blog isn’t something that happens easily or quickly. It takes a lot of time, hard work, and focus. I’ve been able to devote time and have ;learnt from my mistakes and work towards improving it every time. The eagerness to learn more , know more about food, cuisines, keeps my blog alive. The passion continues if you love food….Learn basics of photography and ensure that the pictures you post are interesting and delectable. Your story will definitely fall into place.My Exp so farMy experience so far has been very educative, informative and exciting. I have been fortunate enough in meeting great chefs, been part of some very interesting events and every day it has been new day for me where i have learnt a lot, whether it's about cuisines, new technology or about new experiments.  It has been an exciting and satisfying journey so far.

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