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Follow These Simple Steps To Manage Sleep Apnoea And Snoring Problems

Posted on the 02 June 2016 by Pranab @Scepticemia

Your behavior in the morning speaks volumes about the amount of sleep you got last night. Are you constantly suffering from daytime fatigue? Not getting proper rest at night might be a major reason behind it. Sleeping disorders such as sleep apnoea though considered “normal” can be fatal if not treated in time. Sleep Apnoea is a medical condition where the breathing momentarily stops due to some blockage and often leads to those loud snores and sleepless nights.

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Also snoring is uncomfortable for your partner as well! Spare him/her the torture and follow these simple yet effective tips to manage snoring.

Bring about some major lifestyle changes

While this may be difficult to implement considering our busy schedules and work load, it is not impossible. The trick is to make a routine and follow it religiously. Adjust your body clock to the age old “early to bed, early to rise” philosophy. Other lifestyle changes include-

Proper exercise

One of the basic reasons why you can’t sleep properly at night is because you’re mentally exhausted but physically not tired at all. Also obesity is a direct cause for sleep apnoea and strokes. Follow a proper workout regime and sweat it out in the gym. You can even try yoga to manage snoring.

Quit smoking, alcohol and other addictions

Cigarette smoking is harmful for your respiratory tract. This further causes irritation in your throat and nasal passage and blocks the flow of air. Also alcohol and other drugs can trigger the snoring and even disturb your sleeping pattern.

Proper diet

A balanced diet full of nutrients and minerals is necessary for a healthy body. Avoid fats and junk food that is high on calorie but low on nutrition. Eating a balanced meal replete with fruits, vegetables and rich in fibers also helps you shed off those extra kilos.

Use nasal strips and masks to breathe properly

Clean your nose and drink warm water before going to bed.  You can thus reduce the chances of the nasal passage getting blocked while sleeping. To manage snoring problems you can try some devices like nasal sprays and strips that help you breathe properly. Also always keep your bedroom dust-free before sleeping as that reduces the risk of dust allergies and blockage.

Proper sleeping position

The position you sleep in determines the quality of sleep you get. Sleeping at odd and uncomfortable postures not only result in body aches but also triggers snoring and sleep apnoea. Keep your head propped up on a pillow to allow proper air flow. Also avoid sleeping on your back as that blocks the nose, sleep on your side instead.

Some throat exercises that would help

Throat exercises tighten the muscles and prevent them from closing down on each other when you’re sleeping. Start with simple exercises and gradually increase the intensity.

  • Shout out the vowels for some minutes everyday
  • Hold out your tongue and try moving the muscles of your throat
  • Move your jaw muscles while keeping the mouth open
  • Chewing gum also helps in tightening the throat muscles
  • Breathing exercises such as pranayama and meditation also help

The bottom line

Visit a doctor immediately if your snoring is too loud and frequent as it might be a case of sleep apnoea. A proper night’s sleep keeps you fresh and energised throughout the day. It keeps you positive and optimistic even in the most adverse situations.

Image Credits: West Metro Dental.

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